Birds and Other Amusing Things

Well, my two-legged finally got up something she calls a feeder. What’s more, she hung it right outside the window where my cat tree is positioned. She said it will amuse me. Really? It doesn’t take much to amuse me. I like paper balls, tin foil balls and anything I find on the floor. Batting them around is fun and afterward, I have to take a nap. In between, I crawl up on the chair with my two-legged and stand on the computer keys, just to annoy her, and wave my tail back and forth to hide the screen. She never yells, but she can scold.

This morning I was relaxing on the top shelf of my tree, when I saw all sorts of things flitting around in the tree outside my window. Then they sat on the feeder. I think they’re eating. Last night something a lot bigger and with a tail almost as fluffy as mine, was running around under the tree and looking longingly at the feeder. I wonder what that was…

The barrier blocking my way upstairs is gone, but I haven’t dared go up there yet. Maybe I won’t. Who knows what’s up there?

For some reason, she likes to take pictures of me. This one I like because of the sparkly eyes. She told me she couldn’t figure out how to fix it, but I like it. Anyway, I do love my two legged. This morning I gave her a nose on nose to tell her how much.



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  1. I like my sparkly eyes pictures too – but Mom can’t figure out how to make that little box she talks to (where the pictures are) to talk to our blog, so I can’t share them with anybody. Uncle Jason has promised that he could do something about that, but so far even he can’t figure out why they aren’t talking to each other (and he went to school to figure out these things). Drats!

    I don’t have a window tree, but I crawl up on the back of my couch to look outside the big window — but the only things I have ever seen are two-legses moving fast on these little noisy boards with wheelie things under them. No tails. You are so lucky to have a feeder!
    Woof! TINK

  2. A quick reply while my master is not looking cos he thinks I can’t use the computer – if you come over here to New Zealand I’ll teach you how to catch a wild rabbit. I catch one nearly every day and my master is pleased because they have been eating all his newly planted vegetables. I love hearing what you’re up to. Regards – Pussy Cat of Stratford, New Zealand.

    1. Nice meeting you, New Zealand! I would love to catch a wild rabbit – what is that? I haven’t been outside yet, although I heard my tow legged say maybe with a harness and leash. There’s something called coyotes in the neighborhood. Don’t know what they are, either, but they sound mean!

        1. So far I’m not allowed to eat anything other than dry food. Something about keeping my teeth healthy. Of course not all of them are in yet. I did steal some people food off a plate once and it was delicious.

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