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More really interesting people you might want to meet!

Gregg Savage at  Gregg Savage lives in Townsville, Australia. When the house is quiet at night, he writes and publishes a children’s tale for everyone to enjoy. His stories are delightful – you, dear followers, could have a different bedtime story to tell your children every night if you visit his blog.

  1. Radix at who is now living in Guangzhou, China. His blog is an open diary into his experiences living and working in Asia, as a Westerner. His posts are informative, humorous and amazing. His first meal in China was at McDonald’s (he’d been taught to avoid street food).  This pool service must have noticed that I like to swim. Too bad they are too far away to be of service to us. Texas…

kulinaditya at This blog has short, pithy and rather profound comments every day.  written by the wife of a very lucky man, compulsive thinker, architect by profession, writer by heart, animal lover, putty in her dog’s paws, hopeless romantic, proud nerd, on a quest to find joy in everyday life. Wonderful poetry!!

Karolina at I’m pretty sure she lives in Scotland – gorgeous photo essays of Scotland and pictures of Edinburgh, one of my favorite cities. She is an historian, photography amateur, traveler, who loves life and enjoy every minute of it. She says hers is another blog about life, experience, beauty of places and blah blah, but I think it’s pretty darn good.

Naftali chirchir at  He is a time management coach for part-time bloggers! Lots of very useful posts. Check this one out! A site where you can post your blogs and a collation of other blogs on an infinite number of topics, several of which you are bound to love.

Fredricka Walker at Short, inspiration messages and thoughts for women.

Jumisshop at is a Vietnamese blogger, husband of Christina, and father of Gloria & Anna. Check out the blog about life and family in B Na Hills in Danang. Lovely intro to the country.

Laura Libricz at She is a historical fiction writer who worked a few years building Steinberger guitars (!) and spent her time in college reading German lit. She moved to Germany to stay in 1991 and is the author of the Heaven’s Pond Trilogy. An interesting writer to get to know!

Kath at blogs about her family history. Her motivations for researching and writing up my family history started when her grandmother died and her son was born. Her posts are really interesting. Perhaps they will motivate you to do some researching of your family?

Simon J Kyte at who has written a book set in the time of the British Reformation about Roger Brierly and the Grindletonians, who were a sect of Puritans who remained active in the north of England until the 1660s. Yes, I had to look that up!

Julie Davide at  who writes book reviews and other musings. She sounds like a delightful young woman who lives in the White Mountains of New Hampshire (another New Englander!) She likes chocolate, wine, caffeine, cheese and black leggings. Check her out!

Kashyap at  expresses her feelings in lyrical, lovely poetry.



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  1. Just spotted the shoutout you’ve given to my blog in this post! Great idea sharing the details of your new followers. I’ve found some great content based on this post alone. Thanks for the kind words!

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