Check out these new followers of mine!

Can you guess which on of these made me chuckle?  is a son, husband, and father who loves New York City, photography, country music and movies. He is in a long-term relationship with Diet Coke/Pepsi and cakes. He writes about his thoughts, feelings, opinions, and goals on his road to becoming 40. I think he is a rare blogger!

Misty English, a square peg in a round life. I couldn’t find her blog site, just her gravatar. This is the website for a group of men in Australia who – for a price – will attend to you every need and treat you like a queen (their words, not mine). They will be your butler, tradie, bodyguard, topless waiter, champagne filler, compliment giver and ultimate party accessory all in one. Ladies, check this one out. So sad I don’t live there. Wonder how they found me?

Healthy Lifestyle at says “I can’t control everything in my life, but I can control what I put in my body” and writes a blog about healthy food. Just what we need. She had a recipe for almond milk chair latte that looked fabulous.

Pooja Thapliyal  at  blogs about having a rich inner life, an urge to make the world a better place,  and a desire to explore the unknown, and she has posted some stunning photo essays of places she’s traveled, from Singapore to Venice and beyond.

Eveline blogs at She blogs in hopes of finding new friends who are as passionate as she is about historical romance. She plans to post reviews, lists of favorite books and also those not so favorite. I know there is a huge number of historical romance fans out there, so her blog is right up your alley. blogs about everything you need to know if you plan to visit Britain. Fabulous photos with lots of history, travel tips and where to go’s. I will definitely scour this blog for my next trip!

Mind and Voice at writes a food blog. All you foodies, listen up. I salivated at the pictures and recipes she’s posted on Indian cooking. This is a great site.

Christina, or Crazy Dreams Girl, blogs at has 214 items on her bucket list, but, hey, she’s still very young. In one of her latest post, she writes about her bucket list trip to L.A. You can’t help but catch the enthusiasm! is written by a young woman who reviews historical fiction, YA, fantasy, contemporary, literary, and non-fiction books. I’ve enjoyed reading some of her reviews. Check her out – maybe she’ll review you!



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