I’m a Happy Cat

They’re back! My two-legged and Mister came back on Saturday. While they were away, some big two-legged with a beard came and took care of me. I eventually warmed up to him – he played with me and fed me, so what could I do? – and I eventually let him pet me. He took pictures of me every night and sent them somewhere. In any event, I’m glad my owner is back.

What I really wanted to talk about is how much I love my cat tree. It’s the greatest. I can sit on the top and watch the birds, or just sleep there. Sometimes I sleep in the tunnel right below it, but I’m getting too long to fit if I stretch out, and parts hang over the end. Then there’s the bottom, where I can scratch and scratch. Lovely.

Right now, Mister is spending most of his time in the recliner, which sort of blocks the cat tree. So I’m not on it very much. He’s not happy. I think he hurts. And my two-legged is running around getting things for him. I’ll be glad when he is better and moves out of that chair!

In the meantime, I am getting a ton of cuddles and am so happy everyone is home!

Yesterday, men brought a large, green tree into the house. Now it has colored lights on it. I’m thinking of climbing it, but I’ve been shooed away. I also tried eating the leaves of some red flowers but got swatted for that.

Honestly, what’s a kitten to do?



31 thoughts on “I’m a Happy Cat”

  1. I’m glad to hear Mister is home and resting in the recliner. I realise it’s hard for you to put up with restricted access to your tree, but there’ll plenty more fun places and things to play with in a week or so, just wait and see! Give your Mister plenty of snuggles, but don’t try paddling on his sensitive bits. It won’t do him any good to leap into the air to push you off.
    Your tree looks ace – much better than the green one with baubles on it 😉

    1. Thanks Bette! from my two-legged, too. Today she was scolding me for playing with the colored balls on the green thing and also the leaves from some red flowers. She smacked me with a paper. I was just playing!

  2. Oh, so glad to hear that DH is home. So wonderful with the holidays around the corner.

    My kitty, Raven, loves her cat tree too, with the wonderful window views, and shelves and cocoons for lounging and sleeping. Although she’s systematically destroying the “scratchy” posts at the bottom, LOL.

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  4. This is just tooooooo cuuuuute! One of my cats loved jumping from the very top ledge of her tree onto my bladder first thing in the morning. Then she’d run and hide until I got up and fixed her breakfast. By then I’d forgiven her. Too cute a face to stay mad at 🙂

    1. Cats are too charming to be mad at for long. Garfield spends his active time running hell bent for leather around our downstairs, digging his tree, and squeaking. And he is eating and eating. Wev’e had to increase the wet food we put out for him because he is hungry all the time! He even eats carrots off the floor – and is really good at amusing himself!

    1. Just spent the afternoon listening to Garfield tear around the house, batting Christmas ornaments, playing with his catnip mouse and digging under carpets for imaginary things. He is exhausting! But very loving and purrs if you even look at him. He made our holiday! Hope yours was good and have a wonderful New Year!

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