Does Anyone Out There Have a Solution?

A quick question for everyone: How in the world can I get around not being able to post my book reviews on Amazon UK?

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Many of the authors of books I review are in the UK, but of course now I need to have purchased something like 50 Euros of ‘stuff’ from Amazon UK to post my reviews there. I tried purchasing from Amazon UK, but I was immediately redirected to Amazon US, so that’s not a solution.

Basically, Amazon has stuck it to every UK author I review, and I am mad, mad, mad…and angry, too.

We need to put our heads together to figure this out! I know there’s a ton of creative gray cells amongst my readers, so let’s do it!

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29 thoughts on “Does Anyone Out There Have a Solution?”

  1. Why would they do this?!?!?

    I just reviewed a book last month by a UK writer. I posted it on Amazon US then hopped over to do the same on Amazon UK (my usual practice). The book review was already there, showing that it had been posted on Amazon US. Are you saying that even those postings are going away, too?

    And I noticed Stevie mentioned (above) having the reverse happen with posting to Amazon US. Ugh! I have readers outside the US. Does that mean they won’t be able to post reviews of my books now? I hadn’t heard about this. Very concerning!!

    1. I tried posting a review for one of my UK authors and I couldn’t. So unless UK-US have reciprocity, you won’t be able to post. I’ll check this out!

  2. This doesn’t solve the problem of course—but at least if you an post reviews in the US ( it shows up on other platforms. If you post on non-US Amazon platforms like, it only appears there. I do think this outrage is starting to get some traction. (My blog post on it got most hits in a week ever.) Hopefully Amazon will rethink their policy.

  3. Ugh! What a pain, Noelle. I’ve seen a couple of reviewers with this issue. Unfortunately my pleasure reading time is so scarce that I don’t do reviews and have no suggestions. But I’ll lend my support and a huge hug!

  4. I have found to be the case what Mae Clair above says – but between New Zealand and Britain. When I tried reviewing something between NZ and USA it all disappeared down the plughole. So I’m no help whatsoever. On an unhappier note, I used to be able to buy books from Eastern Press in the US – e.g. the biographies of all the US Presidents. Now all I get is “We are not permitted to sell in your country.”

  5. Hey Noelle, that whole thing is stupid. Sounds like you and Stevie need to get together and you send merchandise to his house (in the UK)and he sends merchandise to your house (in the USA). Maybe that would work.

  6. I’ve always posted all my reviews on and .com so this is a real pain for me too. And I’m not really sure what the point is, why have Amazon done this? They say they want our reviews, they are always requesting them?? But don’t want us spreading the word. Are they unaware just what an international business this all is?

    1. I think the only thing they are considering is dollar signs. Get people to buy so they can post – but with the unfortunate fall out for authors in a different country.

  7. We’re very happy for you to post your reviews on because we can access those on Amazon UK. In fact if there aren’t many reviews, the .com ones show up first.

    The reverse does not work – if I review your book on UK, you can’t see it on .com.

    I presume the same applies with other country sales pages e.g. .CA

    Amazon really shot themselves in the foot with this one… see Nicholas J Rossi’s explanation of it if you want to know the ins and outs.

    1. Barb Taub also wrote a good post on it, too. I can post on Amazon US but not Amazon UK – but I can look there for reviews. Just more work for people to find reviews. It’s always the money as the basis of these rotten decisions. I’m venting, clearly..

  8. I always used to post on my home Amazon site, and .com.,, and .ca., but now, like everyone else, I can post only to my home site. Amazon are short-sighted in this move, as readers are an inyternational bunch, as are writers. By imposing this restriction, they reduce the numbers of reviews any book receives and therfore reduce the selling opportunites for themselves as well as for the authors. Idiotic, but that’s monopolies for you: they start to believe in their own omnipotence!

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