The Garfield Chronicles

Oops, I did it again. Garfield here, the handsome long-haired Maine coon cat whom everyone adores.

I foiled my two legged when she tried to get me into a box. She didn’t say why, but I’m sure she was up to no good. She’s been picking me up while I ate, off and on for a week or so, and yesterday she swooped me up and tried to get me into the box. Well, I got the best of her – managed to squeeze out after she got me in. I wonder if she’ll try that again…

In the meantime, I’m up to my usual tricks. Brought my mouse down from the bedroom this morning to play with. It’s getting a little worse for wear because I love it so much.

I also am having fun scratching the glass on the shower door. I can do it for minutes at a time. That cat I see there needs to be taught a lesson.

I love running up and down the stairs. I chase my two legged up at night and lead her down in the morning. I

love stairs. I know I’m over a year old, but really, I’m still a kitten. At least that’s what she told me about Maine Coons.

The one thing I’ve come to like is all that brushing she has to do. You see, I get something called mats and she has to de-mat me a couple of

times a week so I can stay handsome and gorgeous.

I also taught myself a new trick. When my two legged goes out by the back door, I charge the door. Wham! You should see her jump! I really just want to go with her, but it’s scary out there. Do you think she wants to take me outside in that box?

With regard to that box, It’s Garfield 2 – Noelle 0.



24 thoughts on “The Garfield Chronicles”

  1. Garfield you are indeed to most gorgeous puss-cat I have ever seen! And possibly the naughtiest, too – but I mean that as a compliment! Give your lovely two legged a little snuggle from me, won’t you?

    1. Thank you, Lucy. Yes, I am indeed handsome but don’t tell my two legged – she might think I’m too full of myself and stop brushing me! And giving me lots of cuddles…

  2. Dear Garfield – I was wondering if you would like a picture of me for your wallet? I have a lovely home if we ever teamed up. I go outside all the time because we don’t have wild beasts in New Zealand – except for rabbits and so far this year I have caught 8. I used to be afraid of getting into that box, but now I leap in because it means we’re going off on an adventure in the car. Love from Pussycat.

    1. It sounds lovely where you are, Pussycat. It would be fun to be outside if there were no beasties out there. Do send me a snapshot. I still don’t like that box – I’m afraid she’ll take me back to the shelter!

  3. Garfield! You little stinker, you… Give in and let your two-legged take you out in the box. I promise that your rewards will be greater, the more you cooperate. Oh, and did you know that Vets DO make house calls. Just sayin’

  4. Garfield, you are a gorgeous and mischievous boy. My rescue kitty, Raven, had to go into her carry box recently and she was not happy in the least! Fortunately, it was only for a routine check-up and she is now back to her usual attention-seeking self.
    P.S…you certainly know how to pose on the steps!

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