Whew! We’ve Almost Weathered Florence

Thanks to everyone for their wishes and prayers. I am certain they helped. Florence came ashore at Wilmington, NC, early Friday morning. During the day Friday, rain and wind picked up and by Friday night we had lost power. But we were prepared – generator out with lots of gas, food in the fridge, and lots of wine. πŸ˜‰

Heading outside to inspect the house and surroundings, we found a ton of leaves down, some limbs and branches, but no damage. Compared to what we expected, this was mild, and the power came back on in about 15 hours, and internet this morning. I drained my husband’s phone hot spot answering messages from family yesterday.

The southeastern quadrant of the state took a direct hit. There are many thousands without power (including my son) still and flooding is extreme with dams and bridges out. The cost will be in the billions and it will take years to rebuild. Pray for the people living there and if you are of a mind, contribute to the American Red Cross or Samaritan’s purse to help them.

Again, thank you all so much!

Red Cross:

Samaritan’s Purse:



32 thoughts on “Whew! We’ve Almost Weathered Florence”

  1. So glad to hear you weathered Florence without wretched damage. I’ve been watching news and reading updates and will continue prayers for those affected, Thank you for the links!

  2. My sis lives in Pooled Georgia so close yet so far; as the weather is concearned. I am pleased your safe and I hope the worst is over for you and those who got full force. πŸ˜•

    1. North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida are usually in the eye of hurricanes headed to the US. If they advise you to evacuate, you GO. Although there are always people who want to ride out the storm in their homes. We were not forewarned adequately about Hurricane Fran in the 1990s – lost three cars, our roof, and had to have a huge crane get the trees off our house and off our driveway. It took nearly three years and probably 200K to recover.

    2. Good question, Charlotte. We get twisters that spin off from the hurricanes, but nothing like the midwest – where we call it Tornado Alley. Our home insurance did cover some of the repairs but of course like all insurance, not all. My Mom gave us a check to hep us buy a car since all three of ours were crushed.

      1. Oh boy! I only know of πŸŒͺ from the Wizard of Oz and other twister films, I’ve just had to pay a contribution to building insurance and I wondered if it covered everything.

    3. Check with your agent – about fire, weather, and floods. Some policies cover it all but others don’t.
      We had problems with a policy paying for a new roof when we lived in Chicago. A terrible winter had forced ice up under the shingles and we had leaks. When they didn’t pay, my poor husband had to climb up on the snow and ice layered roof, tie himself to the chimney, and then dig all the snow and ice off!

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