We’re Marooned!

Florence is still at it, dropping feet of rain overnight. Here are some photos taken at the bottom of our driveway this moring – we have a creek down there but it’s now a river. Luckily we are high and dry – our house sits about 60 or more feet above the water!



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  1. Stay safe! I was only once in a wet hurricane (in the US) and remember well how terrifying it was and how alien it seemed to have rain fall that heavily. England’s only fairly recent hurricane was one of wind and I was in the middle of that one too (Do I hear mutterings of β€˜jinxed’?). At breakfast where I was staying, people came in covered in blood and cuts from where the window glass had blown in on them overnight.

  2. OMG, those photos are unbelievable! The force of wind and water is very scary. Glad your house sits above all that rushing water. Stay safe and dry. I hope Garfield is holding up too! πŸ™‚

    1. Can’t remember how many times the state has tried to sell us flood insurance. We tell them if we’re flooded all of Chapel Hill would have to be underwater.

    1. Thank you, Gracie. We know you have had this experience. Luckily our area has only local flooding. The poor people in the Se corner of the state are having Houston-like flooding. But we will all get through it – Houston showed us the spirit!

      1. No… thankfully, the levee just kept from being topped, and it was only at 54 feet. my entire city and many surrounding me would have been in about several feet of water had it crested just a few feet higher. The before and after aerial photos of the Mississippi River around St. Louis are remarkable for that flood…

  3. I’ve never been in a flood area thank goodness it must be quite scary, my blog friend Marey had problems in Texas and now you, I hope it goes down quickly and hasn’t done too much damage to your neighbours down the hill.

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