Pollen Tornadoes

As predicted, all of our trees leafed this past weekend, releasing clouds of pollen. Our driveway is mustard colored, our cars are coated, and yesterday driving along the interstate, the air was yellow and you could see billows of the yellow stuff when trucks drove through it.

Rather than taking such ugly pictures, I chose to take photos of some of our blooms. Tulips do not grow well in our soil, but I found one, sad lone tulip that braved the conditions to sprout in my garden.

The azaleas are out and we have one kind that has large pale lilac-colored blossoms with the most amazing delicate spots!

And then there is our Japanese cherry tree. Each year it sports delicate clusters of pink flowers, along with a slightly sour smell. This year is no exception.

The temperatures here have gotten to the 70s, the pool hit 65 on Sunday – so naturally I went in – and now it’s a balmy 70 so I can swim!



26 thoughts on “Pollen Tornadoes”

  1. Gorgeous, Noelle! Winter is made to make Spring that much better! (And P.S. I put a comma between “gorgeous” and “Noelle” so don’t let it go to your head!)

  2. proper spring and those temperatures… we’re a couple of months away from that methinks… do you have a lot of hayfever victims with all that pollen?

    1. Despite the thought of all that pollen in my lungs, I don’t have hay fever. My husband does and so does my son-in-law. Hubs goes out to work in the yard with a mask. My son-in-law just avoids going out – he is even allergic to grass!

  3. Yay, I’m glad it rained. Maybe it will wash away the pollen. I love Springtime in North Carolina! It’s a happy time of the year.

  4. Thing are starting to bloom where I am too and the pollen is playing havoc with my senses. Still mostly low 60ish with a few lovely ventures into the mid 70s. It will be early June before I’m able to get into our pool, although I don’t think I could brave 70-degree water, LOL!

    1. Hi MC! I grew up swimming in cold water off the coast of New England, so it doesn’t bother me. We do heat our pool for a few weeks in the spring, and right now it is a balmy 78! Sorry about the hay Fever. The pollen doesn’t seem to bother me but I hate to think what my lungs look like!

  5. I can tell you’re a New Englander by your description of a “balmy” 70 degree pool! I’d be waiting til it hit 80! Great pictures of your flowers, Noelle. Ours are a little behind you – the azaleas, my favorite, are just springing leaves.

  6. How lovely, I always think I’d like a pool not a common thing in the UK sadly so I use a pool in a hotel or the local swimming baths but they get too noisy and busy. I love gardens we sat out all Easter weekend and I was learning words at my parents , a treat I used to take for granted when growing up.
    All my best

    1. You paint a lovely picture, Charlotte. I am still swimming in 66 degree water – 19 degrees C. Heater is broken – but I grew up swimming in water colder than this, so it’s perfectly fine. You just can’t swim a lot of laps before getting really cold!

  7. So pretty, Noelle. My tulips are rather sad too *sigh* but the azaleas and cherry trees are gorgeous. I can’t believe you’re swimming already. That sounds wonderful. Now I have to go put another log in the woodstove. Ha ha. Happy Spring.

    1. Well, I wouldn’t exactly call it swimming – the water has been between 66 and 68 and I walk around picking up detritus from the top and bottom, where I can reach, which takes about 40 min, then do a few laps before hitting the hot tub. I LIKE cold water – if you grow up in New England there’s nothing else!

    1. Thanks, Ellis! The blossoms are very beautiful but are a pain when they fall in our pool and I have to clean them out over a couple of weeks.

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