Introducing #RBRT Gold, extra-special books that were greatly enjoyed by Rosie Amber’s Book Review Team

Rosie Amber’s Book Review Team has now been up and running for six years!  I have been one of her book reviewers for much of that time. At first I only read books in my genre, but I gradually expanded to romance, sci-fi and historical fiction. That last is perhaps what gave me the push necessary to write my recent book, The Last Pilgrim, about Mary Allerton Cushman, the oldest survivor of the Mayflower voyage.

The goal of Rosie’s book review team (RBRT) has been to spread the word about novels, novellas, short stories and non-fiction from self-published authors and independent publishers – to showcase talent found outside the mainstream publishing world.

I have had the enjoyment of corresponding with many of these authors about their books, making new friends along the way.

Each month, Rosie is inundated with review requests from authors and publishers alike.  Every book that she accepts is passed on to twenty readers of her team, which is made up of book bloggers, writers, editors, creative writing tutors and people who just love reading.  Most books gain just one or two reviews, but once in a while a gem has come along that piques the interest of several team members, and receives highly favorable reviews across the board.

That is why this week, Rosie’s site is introducing #RBRT Gold, extra-special books that were greatly enjoyed by three or more team members.

Under the title of each book, you can read the team members reviews and the Amazon links to those books are included.  Three in the first list, published tomorrow, are books I reviewed!

This is the link to Monday’s post of the first books. It will go live at 2am UK time

Here is a link to Rosie’s blog

And here is a link to the page about how to join the review team

I highly recommend joining the team – it will challenge your review skills and introduce you to a wide assortment of genres!

Sorry, you have to wait until tomorrow to see what books are on the link!



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