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From time to time, as my followers know, I like to recognize new followers who have done me the honor of signing up for my posts. THANK YOU!

Delusional Bubble (great moniker!) at   – a travel blog

Geoff Le Pard at – a highly imaginative writer and bon vivant. Do check out his blog. It’s occasionally hilarious and always fun!

Short-prose-fiction at Gabriela Marie Milton, poet, 2019 Author Of The Year at Spillwords Press

Rafaelle Schwartzbart who blogs at She Got Wings at – a young Brazilian woman who is sharing her beginning at flying – she’s a person trainer

Jane Wertman at  She is a writer of grants and historical fiction and I’ve gotten to know her and have enjoyed – and reviewed – her books over the past year.

Sid Gateux at  Johnny Holiday is the leading character in the Johnny Holiday Mysteries by Sid Gateaux. You can follow at this site.

James Conville, a marine engineer – couldn’t find him online

Prashant Jain from India, whose blog site is under reconstruction.

Michelle Rose who blogs as Shell-Shell’s tips and tricks at

Blackwings 666 at – a blog about Dracula!!!

S.C.Ö  at I believe this is a blog about Turkish cooking

Rebecca Dwight Bruff at – who has just written a debut novel Trouble the Water that was awarded a First Place/ Gold prize for Debut Fiction, and First Place/Gold Prize for Adult Fiction by The Feathered Quill Book Awards, with a recommendation from the Chair of the Pat Conroy >Literary Center. Brava!

Omar Darwish at writes a social cultural blog that deals with literature, writing, education, social issues, and aspects of the human personality. It’s in Arabic but there is a translate button and I read a great post on ancient Greek and Roman civilizations

If you are interested in vitamins, this is the blog site for you:

Romelia Lungu at . She lives in Romania and reviews books and offers her reflections, luckily some in English because Romanian is not in my limited range of other languages!

Stephen Page at  He is an award winning, part Shawnee and part Apache author and poet. His books include: The Salty River Bleeds, The Timbre of Sand, Still Dandelions, A Ranch Bordering the Salty River. I need to take a look at one of his books.

Krutika toy at has a really unique blog on business – recent developments in working sites, entrepreneurship etc.

Christine Lucas at blogs about travel and nature and fitness, accompanied by wonderful photographs.



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  1. petespringerauthor

    I think it’s super that you recognize these new folks, Noelle. It’s always great to get some different perspectives.

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