Another Great Review for Death at the Asylum

I was very surprised and chuffed to see a wonderful review for Death at the Asylum posted by Judith Barrow, a fellow blogger. Judith is an author herself of eight books. The focus of her writing is family dynamics, which she treats with great insight and sensitivity. You can find her at I hope you will visit her blog and check out her books, which are all great reads. Here is her review:

Although this is the fifth book in the series it’s also a stand-alone story and is an excellent cozy mystery.

The book begins with a brief summary which sets the scene easily and introduces the reader to the backdrop of the sequence.

N.A Granger’s story is interwoven and layered with intriguing subplots that flow seamlessly and keep the reader fascinated. Themes of deception and suspense sit alongside themes of family communication and workday differences, all adding to the depth of the story.

The chapters alternate between the points of view of Rhe, nurse who works part-time in the police department, and Sam, her husband who is Chief of Police. Both are well-rounded and believable characters (something I expected as their characteristics and dialogue must have developed and grown over the series). This adds to the consistency of the story and is something I admired in this author’s style of writing. 

But these two characters don’t carry the plot on their own and the minor characters in the close knit community of Pequod are also extremely credible

 The descriptions of the setting, the coastal town of Pequod give a brilliant sense of place and leaves the reader in no doubt of the area the characters live and move around in.

This is my first visit back to this series for quite a while and I had forgotten how much I remembered of this series. I will certainly revisit and catch up on the exploits of Rhe and Sam. 

 For any reader who enjoys cosy mysteries as much as I do, I highly recommend Death at the Asylum.

Death at the  Asylum: Rhe Brewster Mystery Series, Book 5 (The Rhe Brewster Mysteries 13) is available at:


Thank you, Judith!



24 thoughts on “Another Great Review for Death at the Asylum”

  1. petespringerauthor

    Death at the Asylum was my first Rhe Brewster read. In fact, I thought of you as a historical fiction writer after reading The Last Pilgrim. Congratulations on this fine review from Judith.

    1. Pete, I had four mysteries under my belt – this is the latest installment – before I wrote The Last Pilgrim. Daniel Boone and Me will soon follow, then a romance novel (fancy that!) that I pumped out in three months (but which will take a year or more to get critiqued and edited. After that, maybe back to another mystery.

  2. GREAT review and so nice to re-introduce us to your “cozy mysteries,” Noelle. I just downloaded #3, the Pumpkin one, before I get to the Asylum.

      1. I learn so much (about writing) when I read a book by one of my blogging friends. I know this will be the case with Noelle’s book. And I enjoy cozy mysteries.

    1. You will enjoy Pumpkin. It was an idea I got from the Damariscotta Pumpkin Festival one year. I always sell books in Maine in either the summer or October. There’s one right after that one – Death in a Mud Flat.

      1. I was thinking about you last night and how no matter when we write a book and no matter the year it’s published, it’s still good to promote it and find new readers. Thanks for inspiring me!

  3. Noelle, congratulations on this lovely review and Judith has me intrigued about the series. It is great when a visit back to a book(s) is just as captivating and engaging as the first time!

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