Book Review: Round and Round by Terry Tyler

I will admit I’m a huge fan of Terry Tyler, so I eagerly downloaded Round and Round to my Kindle a while back. I was not disappointed! How many of you would like to go back to a certain place in your life where you had a choice of which man you would marry or at least end up with. What if you had chosen differently? My head swims just thinking about it.

Ms. Tyler has written about just such a thing: Sophie Heron’s 40th birthday is soon and she finds herself fed up with her life, not the least part of which is her longtime boyfriend’s new hobby, which involves, well, I’ll leave the reader to find out. She has recently lost her Auntie Flick, a faerie of a woman who had been her confidant, supporter and mentor since she was little. She and Auntie Flick had shared a special place, a tree by a river, where Sophie goes to ask her now guardian angel to what to do. As a result, she gets to see what might have been, when, at age 24, she remakes herself and in short order has a number of suitors in addition to the man she ends up with. She sees what might have been with each of them, in order to find her way forward. The ending will surprise you!

This is a quick read, not only because it’s a novella, a third and a half long as a regular novel, but also because it grabs you. It has a great plot, realistic characters and yes, desperation. I read it in two sittings. And had a good think about what might have happened had I chose differently…

Terry TylerTerry Tyler had published nine books on Amazon. She offers a rather unique genre in her writing, what Amazon says readers describe as lying somewhere in the area of contemporary drama and romantic suspense, with the occasional bit of rock fiction thrown in. I recently reviewed Kings and Queens on Rosie Amber’s blog – another 5 star book for me.



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  1. Noelle, thanks so much for this review, I’m delighted that you liked it so much; it’s such a compliment when people read a book in two sittings like that! How lovely to see this in my email inbox – thank you! xx

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