T = Tanya Davis

Tanya Davis is a young, African American Pequod student who meets Rhe in Death in a Red Canvas Chair, during Rhe’s on campus search for students who might know the dead girl in the red canvas chair. When she finds Tanya, she sees a young woman over six feet tall, toned but not muscular, and clad in the typical college uniform of frayed jeans and a T shirt. Hers said “GEEK is the new sexy” in blazing red letters. She is just this side of attractive, with a broad face and even features and long, straightened hair pulled back from her face with a red head band. There is a little acne on her chin.

Tanya is indeed on scholarship but not for sports. She is studying math and physics and is one of only seven black women in her class.

Tanya is beaten by her boyfriend and ends up at Sturdevant Hospital, where Rhe meets Tanya’s grandfather and begins the investigation of the boyfriend. I can’t tell you more without giving away a plot line!

Tanya is such a great character that I brought her back for a brief encore appearance in Death by Pumpkin, where she is now student body president and helps Rhe during Sam’s recall election.

Can you see Tanya? Tell me what you see!



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  1. Your choice of the “Phil Pearce” character reminds me of Barney Fife, who gained his fame as Andy Taylor’s side kick. Since you know what the “real” Phil Pearce looks like, I could send you pics of Phil Pearce, II, or, Phil Pearce III (Trey), if you want to consider other models. 🙂 (PHP)

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