U = FBI Senior Agent Bongiovanni

U and V are hard for me, because there are no names, you see!

So let me introduce you to the two FBI agents who play major roles in both Death in a Red Canvas Chair and Death in a Dacron Sail. Senior special Agent Bongiovanni is so tall he can’t fit his legs under a conference room table and sits sideways, but with his short cut, graying hair, he looks more mature than his fellow agent and underling, Bowers.

The agents are critical to the case in the first book, since it involves cross-state human trafficking. When I bring them back in the second book, they have a bigger role, working with Rhe and Sam to track down a kidnapper and killer of prepubescent girls.  The usual tension between overlapping jurisdictions is evident.

We climbed three creaky wooden steps to the porch and were just about to knock when the door opened with a screech. Agent Bongiovanni stood glowering in the doorway.

“What are you doing here?” he asked, sotto voce, the annoyance in his voice reflected on his face. He folded his arms across his chest. “This is an FBI investigation.”

“Not completely,” replied Sam, drawing himself up to his considerable height, which was only an inch or two less than the agent’s. “Rhe and I drove up to talk to you personally about what happened with Agent Bowers. Since it just so happened you were at Cornwell’s farm, we decided to head out here and have a look for ourselves. Sorry if we interrupted anything.”

“Well you have. Agent Bowers should not have involved you.”

In the end, both agents play an important role in rescuing Rhe. Read Death in a Dacron Sail to find out more!

I modelled this character after a high school classmate (who is very proud of being Agent Bongiovanni, especially since that is his real last name.)

Who do you see playing this role?



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