S = Sam Brewster

Ah, Sam, the Chief of Police for Pequod, brother-in-law to Rhe.

Sam and Rhe are close, especially after Rhe becomes involved investigating crimes. They complement each other – Rhe impulsive and quick, Sam more patient and procedure-oriented. Their relationship grows during Death in a Dacron Sail and Death by Pumpkin, and more I will not say!

According to Rhe, Sam Brewster is, next to her husband, one of the greatest guys in the world, but he does have some peculiarities. He’d wanted to be a cowboy from an early age, hence the country western music on the police line and an attempted western accent from time to time.  He also wears a cowboy hat, a string tie, and drives an open Jeep, better suited for a Texas range than a New England town.

Sam is taller (6’4”) than his brother Will, with fair hair but mostly bald on top, and struggles with his weight. Like Will, he wears glasses for reading but doesn’t want anyone to know. He butts heads with Will over the hiring of Rhe as a police consultant in Death in a Red Canvas Chair.

In Death by Pumpkin, Sam finally listens to Rhe and starts to work out and watches his food.

“I knew he had to be working out because his growing paunch had disappeared, his round face had thinned, and his biceps now stretched the tan uniform shirt he was wearing. Plus he had grown a mustache and beard. I couldn’t decide if I liked it, but it was neatly kept and added some gravitas to his appearance.”

It turns out Sam has a personal trainer, Wendy Reynolds, who is an aggressive flirt with her hooks out for Sam. I tried not to make her too much of a caricature.

Sam has always been secretly jealous of his brother’s choice of wife, and I hope the reader senses that in his heart of hearts he loves Rhe dearly.

Do you have a picture of Sam in your mind’s eye? Care to share?



12 thoughts on “S = Sam Brewster”

  1. I love Sam. He’s my favourite character, after Rhe, of course! He’s patient and kind and puts up with that awful brother… I hope they finally get together because Rhe deserves a second chance. I think Wendy will push them into either moving in or moving on…

  2. A big man with a soft spot for Rhe in his heart. Love it. Every time I find a character whose physical appearance doesn’t necessarily match his softness, I love it. Not to say he’s soft, but that warm spot in his heart endears him to this reader.

    1. Thanks, Sylvia – after Rhe, Sam is THE character in this book and I wanted to make sure that readers liked, if not loved, him. You are very reassuring!

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