Y = The Main Character, Rhe Brewster

At last we come to Rhe herself. I have purposefully not described her fully because I want readers to conjure up their own Rhe.

What I have written is that Rhe is tall, generally good-looking, and toned from swimming and her job as an emergency room nurse, which keeps her on her feet. She is in her early to mid-thirties and has dark hair but I have not specified brunette, dark red or chestnut – definitely not black.

Rhe is a type A – she often leaps before she looks – and is very intelligent. She has an outgoing personality, but tends to cultivate just a few close friends. Hopefully it is clear that Rhe has a snarky sense of humor, which emerges most frequently when she’s with Sam or Paulette.

In a scene with Paulette:

“Grateful is not what I wanted to hear, but I guess it will have to do for now – OW! I think I stapled my finger!”

“Good thing you’ve got a nurse handy, then.”

In two scenes with Sam:

1. “Well, nice to meet you,” I replied and turned back to the dock ladder. Calling thanks to Pete, I began the climb back up to the dock, with Sam following behind me, to keep me from falling or so he said. I really think he wanted an opportunity to make a comment on how big my rear had gotten.  Lucky for him, he didn’t.

2. “Will do. Call me when the DNA results come in. How about dinner with us sometime this week?”

“You know I can never resist a home-cooked meal. Let’s see how the week plays out.”

“Any special requests?”

“Just something edible.”

I couldn’t help it – my inner child took over and I stuck out my tongue at him.

Rhe is intensely loyal to her friends, is devoted to her son Jack, but her feelings toward her husband Will change over the course of the three books.  Keeping all the balls in the air is a challenge for Rhe — balancing home life, her work, and investigations for the police department.

Rhe is not a good cook, at least not at first, and her cooking has been a source of amusement for her brother-in-law Sam. Under the tutelage of Paulette, however, she is getting better. She does love to eat and has never met a foodstuff she doesn’t like. Hence there is a minor role for food in all three books.

This may be the most difficult character to imagine, but I look forward to your suggestions!



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  1. She’s a great character, Noelle. I definitely pictured her tall and fit and brunette! I like that she is a bit reckless and jumps right in without thinking first, but she also made me slap my forehead and groan (so I can relate to Will’s concern!). 😀

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