We’ve joined the Millennials’ Parents

For several years now, I’ve been reading about millennial offspring moving back in with their parents. Not to worry, won’t be us.

Ah, but the chickens have come home to roost…

IMG_0804My daughter and son-in-law are now living with us. They had resided in Los Angeles for five years, but it became clear (as it had for us when we lived there), that they couldn’t afford a house and they grew tired of their 900 square feet. Plus many of their closest friends are here in North Carolina. So they made the big trek back across the country- in one week – bringing their jobs with them since they can work from here.

They had a lot of fun in LA – the weather, the endless sources of activities, things to see, and good restaurants more than make up for the cost of living. It did for us, too. But there came a time when roots needed to grow and a family started. And North Carolina isn’t exactly chopped liver.

I’m still having a good time looking at houses for them, since they have a mortgage set up and don’t plan to live with us forever. What I’ve learned is that a lot of houses are dogs, as I mentioned in a previous post. Truth in advertising is not necessarily part of selling real estate.

This past weekend, Cameron went to the beach with her three closest friends since high school. They named themselves the Red Hot Mamacitas beach back then; now they’re just the Citas.The last of them married a month ago, they are all now living in Chapel Hill, and they had their photos taken together in their wedding gowns on the beach. This is a special group of young women.

So wAttach0So far,  we’re doing just fine with the new arrangement – my daughter and I have a strong bond and her husband is an easy-going bloke.

Would love comments from folks with their grown children living with them. How’s it going?



21 thoughts on “We’ve joined the Millennials’ Parents”

  1. Well I’m through the other side just now as the 26 year old and his girlfriend moved into their own flat last November but had been with us since 2012. It was lovely both at the time and in retrospect. Yes there were those Grrr moments and sometimes you felt like you can take the boy away from being a student but not the student within the boy but, you know, he listened and shared (kind if him) where I could be an irritating old know all (I know, I know, hard to credit). So it worked fine and we shared some great moments too. Now when my daughter graduates from vet school in summer 2017…

    1. I completely agree – blessings and not, but the nots are few. The kids had an offer on a house accepted yesterday so they won’t be with us more than another two months. Big changes for them, but nice they will be living not so far away.

  2. I love reading every day stuff from every day Americans, Noelle – it all makes me see how different we are as nations! I think most people in the UK moan from the start about anything like this – but this might be because our houses are so much smaller and packed together, on a tiny island!!! I certainly can’t imagine 4 girlfriends of the 21st century all having had white weddings and still being inthe same town, with their husbands… I think the Carolinas are quite traditional?

    I hope this continues to be a blessing for you! X

    1. Thanks, Terry! Isn’t that a great photo of the four of them? The kids bought a house yesterday – will take about 45 days for the paperwork to go through, so they won’t be with us for long!

  3. I’m on the other end of the scenario with my wife, son, and I living with my parents. Been that way for a little over 5 years. The reason was because an unexpected disaster meant we had to move while we had the money to do so. Been job hunting and struggling ever since. Seems we can’t catch a break for longer than a few months before bad luck hits again. Not the greatest story. Very lucky that they could take their jobs with them.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that, Charles, and I hope things take a better turn for you soon. I’d never thought of the other way around. Re posting your dinosaur post got quite a few views – it was a great piece!

        1. Who can’t love dragons? They are huge in our imaginations! Keep the posts coming,Charles. I’m doing your book shout out today for next week’s schedule!

          1. I’ve actually met a few people who think dragons are lame. In their defense, they had no imagination and only read non-fiction. Looking forward to the shout out. 🙂

  4. What a beautiful photos in the wedding gowns, Noelle. Knowing that the arrangement is temporary I think makes it easier, and your daughter and her husband seem motivated and successful. 😀 It will be wonderful to have them closer. We think we are beyond the point of having our kids move back in (they’re in their 30’s), but you never know.

    1. Those young women are pretty gorgeous – I’ve got a couple of other ones unposed that are so much fun! The kids now have a house – waiting on completion of the various inspections and my daughter is already talking about what she’s going to be doing with it. Lot’s of fun ahead. Both our kids are in their 30s – my daughter and her husband are like the hubs and me: enjoying life before the children come along. We carried it a little too far (late 30s)!

  5. We had our one and only child quite a bit late in our lives, so I have yet to see if she’ll end up back with us later. She’ll be a high school senior next year and does plan to go to college out of state. 🙂

    1. Aw, you’ll be empty nesting! We enjoyed it and are now looking forward to having the kids around again – their new house is not far from ours and our son comes home from his tour in Germany in December. He came when I was 39, my daughter when I was 41! They keep me young.

  6. What a beautiful photo! I can’t imagine living back at home for any length of time. I love my mom and we get on great, but I think we both need our space. Hope your daughter and her husband find their own place soon. How lovely for you to have them nearby.

    1. They just bought a house, so they’ll be moving out in a month or so. Luckily our house is big enough that we aren’t tripping over each other. They have a room for their office(s) and a bed and bath to themselves. Don’t those young women look gorgeous!

  7. I love how you shared a part of your life with us here Noelle. Your daughter is gorgeous, but I can tell it comes from the inside out. What a photo of her and her friends. She’s a lucky woman, to have such friendships, a wonderful husband, and supporting caring parents.
    Yes, our nest un-emptied twice, once with each child. After our daughter graduated from college she moved from the left coast to the right coast to live near us, thus she had no connections. She moved in with us for about 9 months as she found her first teaching job and made friends and found her own apartment. We loved those 9 months, particularly me. My daughter and I are close, and it was fun to have her there to talk to when work ended and we could go for long walks together and talk about everything. I missed that when she moved on. But we now live within 10 minutes of each other (and she’s married with 3 little ones) so all settled nicely. 🙂 Our son moved in with his girlfriend in his late 20s when they were in the middle of moving from one coast to the other for new jobs. That was more difficult, since their schedule was so different from ours, and we were rather awkward around each other. But they appreciated our support, and they are now married with three little ones themselves.
    Enjoy the next two months – its like a joyful interlude before their independence is again established. xo

    1. What a lovely story! I’ve never viewed the kids moving in and out as a problem, since we’ve missed them so much. My son only stays briefly – he’s been in the Army for 12 years, and we recently had a great time visiting him in Germany. The longest time we’ve spent with him since high school! Thanks for sharing your family story – it sounds so normal and it’s nice to hear about another close mother-daughter combo. My daughter is a joy in my life (son, too, but boys are just different!)

  8. From a different perspective, I spent a year right after college living at home with my parents and working…and loved it. Great memories and made so many things possible 🙂

    1. Great perspective, Dalo! My daughter lived with us for a summer after she returned from a year in South Korea. We had a blast! and I am enjoying their stay here now. I’m into family being together (with some space).

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