A Fantastic Review for Death by Pumpkin

Mallory at – do check out her blog if you like cozies – gave me a five star review for Death by Pumpkin. You know what that does to a writer, right?

You have to watch this – it’s me!

Here’s the review:

An entertaining and highly intriguing Maine cozy, DEATH BY PUMPKIN is third in a series. Imaginative in premise, this mystery begins with a bang and strongly hooks the reader, and enwraps us with the characters and storyline. Rhe Brewster is an ER nurse, mother of an ADHD son, widow, and sister-in-law of the police chief of her community. She is also a part-time police consultant. The author warmly endears the characters, as murder rears its very ugly head (even though it’s performed creatively), and emotions run high (and for some, even higher). DEATH BY PUMPKIN is a mystery delineating the adage “Keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer.” I’ll definitely be looking to review other mysteries in the Rhe Brewster series.

Thank you, Mallory!



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