Up, up and away!

I am off with Hubs to Europe for three weeks! Some of you I will see at the Blogger’s Bash in London, my first time attending. While I am gone, I am re-posting some of my early contributions to this blog. You may read or not as you wish – I just wanted to stay in contact. I won’t have time to post comments on your blog posts, and for that, I apologize. We are visiting friends in three countries, then off on our own to three more, much like the old movie: If This Is Tuesday It Must Be Belgium.

I promise to have pictures of our adventures on my return – should be fodder for many posts!




34 thoughts on “Up, up and away!”

      1. Don’t be so eager to reconnect that you jump back in too soon!

        Unless it is a “do nothing but relax” kind of trip, I usually come back beyond pooped – from high energy conferences especially. If I don’t take a few days to give myself time to recover from my time away, it doesn’t take long, slammed with catch-up, before I am regretting one of the best times of my life.

        I’m sure many of you who attend the Bash will be sharing your experiences with the rest of us soon enough – and some people don’t have as far to travel to attend.

        So I repeat my prior comment – have a wonderful time and don’t concern yourself with connecting with your online tribe for a while. πŸ™‚

        1. Good advice, Madelyn. I will need time to recover – we are doing seven countries in 20 days! I have blood work scheduled for the day after we get back at 8:30! And a book sitting here waiting for an edit. I’m getting sleepy thinking about it!

    1. We were only in London for two days, Charlotte! Off now on our tour of six countries to see many friends. I do hop to meet you sometime, and am recommending your blog to a friend of mine who teaches opera!

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