Happy New Year from Me, Garfield

Well, I survived whatever the last two weeks are called – Christmas and New Year’s? My two legged was so busy every day, I hardly got any pets. So I had to do something to get her attention. Like walking around on the table, which was set with nice plates and napkins, and knocking stuff on the floor – or ripping the ribbon off the tree – or racing around the house as fast as I could go, skidding on the wood floor. I got swatted with a newspaper a couple of times, but then she petted me.

I got some pretty nice snacks, too – some beef at Christmas and ham for New Year’s. And quite a bit of cheese. I love cheese.

Sleeping in my favorite place – her lap!

So two days ago, I decided not to be afraid of the stairs. They’d blocked them off with a gate, which had fallen on me the first time I tried to get around it. It scared the fur off me. Since then, they’ve put little treats on the stairs to convince me not to be afraid. So when they weren’t looking, I slunk upstairs. The problem was, I got confused and when they called me, I had to chirp to let them know where I was so they could put on a light or two. Were they surprised!

Then I climbed up to surprise my two legged while she was writing. I was just going to breeze by her legs and maybe scare her, but I chirped accidentally, and she saw me.

Last night I discovered this big, flat, soft thing where my two legged spends her nights. When she turned the light off, I jumped up and walked all over her – just to let her know I was there and needed petting. After petting me a little, she stopped. I think she fell asleep. So I stayed with her all night. It was soft and warm and a great place to flake out.

Anyway, to all my four-legged friends out there, and their two leggeds, Happy New Year! I’m a lucky cat and I know you all are lucky, too!



35 thoughts on “Happy New Year from Me, Garfield”

  1. Hey Garfield… sounds like you still have some exploring to do. Watch out for the bathrooms though…mine seems determined to use it as a torture chamber for small dogs… And careful with the treats too. If they see you getting a bit cuddly ,they starve you! I mean, how is a girl to manage on two meals and only half a dozen treats a day?
    Anyway… happy new year to you.
    Much love, Ani xxx

    1. Thanks for the advice, Ani. I actually like the bathroom – the floors are heated and I like to sit in the shower after she’s finished and listen to the water go down the drain. Yesterday I attacked and defeated a washcloth! I get one meal a day plus all the dry food I want, but I’m always hungry. I think you and I must be growing…

      1. Mine says that if I’m growing, it is only sideways. I say that I vaguely remember a saying about pots calling kettles… 😉
        I do not like the bathroom…unless she is in the bath, then I know I’m safe. It’s not warm in ours though… not at all… 🙁 Well done with the washcloth though! they can be mean and vicious creatures 😉 xx

      1. Your two legged is pretty swish with words too, you know! I’m just about to get started on her latest and I can’t wait! I do have a cat – his name is Terry. He is not helpful with writing but an expert at distracting me from writing. Which, I suppose, is talent of a kind.

        1. Say hi to Terry for me. We felines need to maintain our society! I do distract her highness when she’s too focused on her writing to pay me any attention – I go under her desk and complain!

  2. Happy greetings, Garfield. Count your lucky stars – they’ve just put me on medication for the rest of my life and it makes me hungry. But look on the bright side, I caught four wild rabbits over Christmas. Did you catch any? I have no trouble with stairs because we don’t have any. Your friend, Pussycat in New Zealand

    1. Wow, you caught rabbits? I’m not allowed outside because of some things called coyotes. But my two legged told me she might take me out on a harness and leash. And I know we have rabbits because there were tracks in the snow outside the front door this morning. I caught and destroyed a washcloth.

    1. So true. Garfield ‘guards’ me at night, ocassionally I hear a drrr, drrr, drr, and this morning he washed both arms. He has a really, really rough tongue – better than a loofah!

    1. Happy New Year to you, Bette! I see you are going to get blasted with snow, so be safe and stay warm. We got about an inch down here but it’s really, really cold.

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    1. Thanks for the follow, Pete, and I am SO happy to see you back! I remember your writing about Munch – my fellow traveler for 16 years, Elijah Moon, died suddenly this last fall, and I soon realized I couldn’t do without a furry companion. Gar is a shelter cat, born there, and has traits you might expect from such a background – he’s jumpy and doesn’t cotton to anyone much but me – but he makes me happy and definitely makes all of us laugh with his antics.

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