The First of New Followers in 2018

These are new followers from the last month or so. Check them out – there might be someone in there whose blog attracts you. Strike up a new relationship!  On this blog are short, snappy book reviews. The theme seems to be mainly romance but there was a paranormal vampire in there, too.

Urvashi at writes about things that pique her interest, not subscribing to a single theme. She thinks life is more beautiful when it is full of surprises and serendipity. You will find poetry, short stories, quotes etc. The author of this blog has been close to death many times and is alive because of body parts from other people. He wants his life to be a daring adventure, to live it to the very fullest. Consequently, the posts are quotes, reflections, and wonderful photographs. A blog after my own heart!  Bryan Fagan is a divorce lawyer in Texas, and posts about the practical aspects of divorce. Not sure how he found me, but I’ve been married 50 years so I doubt I have need of him.  Maybe someone out there does?  is written by Sarah and Louis, a nurse and teacher from Wimbledon, London. They’ve travelled around some amazing countries while sticking to a strict budget and after many of their friends have asked for advice on where to go and what to see in preparation for their own adventures, they decided to make this website for people planning their own fun on a limited budget. The photography is fantastic and the places they’ve been are GREAT! Do check this blog out before your next trip! Ellen Jacobson who lives with her husband on a 34-foot sailboat. They to travel on water and on land in search of adventure. The interesting people we meet along the way, the amazing places we get to visit, and the things we’ve experience inspire this blog. Ellen is currently working on a cozy mystery series, The Mollie McGhie Sailing Mysteries, about a reluctant sailor turned amateur sleuth. If you want to know more about our travel adventures and what it’s like to live on a sailboat, this blog is for you! is a blog by Scarlett Brodie, a mystery writer herself. She loves to post about scenes from some of her favorite books, reviews of mysteries, and other observations. Her posts are fun – check her out! The author of this blog has a degree in Journalism but works in the areas of finance and later on, public safety. Her blog is all about roaming the Bicol Region of the Philippines on a budget – great hotel deals, good food and where to go on your vacation. One of her latest posts was about a food stall making crepes. I am still salivating from the pictures and the descriptions. How do they find me? They advertise really buff young men serving women at parties, while wearing nothing but an apron and a bow tie. Woo hoo! But they are in Melbourne, Australia. Too bad.  Robbo is a red wine and pizza connoisseur, corporate prisoner and perpetual traveler who lives restlessly with my wife and travel partner McGee and his dog Winston, impatiently awaiting his next adventure. His blog tells stories of escape and a relentless desire to be lost to the perfect moment and he hopes it inspires you to do the same. Really good writing about his travels with perfect photographs. is written by a young man named Festenstein and has very eclectic posts – one recent was on the World Wrestling Federation, with others about human phobias, imagination and inspirational people!

Jonny blogs at He is an ex-teacher living on Kent’s South coast, who’s spent most of his life worrying about one thing or another. Nevetheless, he’s busy, loves learning, reading and drinking coffee. His blog is partly a diary and partly an attempt to force himself to make a few important lifestyle changes. He posts amazing free wheeling poetry with acute observations. This company can plan your trip for you. If you are thinking about seeing Nepal, you might start here!

Paul at says he is writing about writing for writers. Despite the overuse of one word, his blog does contain some interesting thoughts as well as free, practical advice – such as free giveaways of books is killing the indie market, all about marketing, must read books from 2017, and insights and publishing trends for 2018. Check him out! A really good site if you are looking for kitchen cookware. This site compares all the pros and cons of the various cookware and appliances. How they found me, I don’t know, but the information is useful. You can tuck this one away.

John Eidswick blogs at He I lives with his wife and spirited 9-year-old progeny in Japan, where he teaches English. His short fiction has appeared in several journals and he has written two novels. Check out his books: The Language of Bears and The Rabbit Skinners (a mystery).

Suman D. blogs at He is a freelancer who works as a business advisor.  Right now I am drooling over two recipes (plus accompanying pictures) he posted. You might want to check them out.

A Solomon – all I got was a gravatar, but it could be Andrew Solomon, whose site is  Andrew Solomon is a writer and lecturer on psychology, politics, and the arts; winner of the National Book Award; and an activist in LGBT rights, mental health, and the arts. I would be honored if he were following me.

Phoenix <3 who blogs at Known by her nickname “Ami,” Miss Phoenix Desertsong has written for many online publications, often under pen names. She has work published in several areas under her “Christian” name of Amelia Lockhart. I particularly liked a post entitled “How Your Anxiety Disorder Can turn you into Darth Vader”! and another on how to deal wit toxic people.

Sharon blogs at  She is an entrepreneur and started her blog because of her love for having a creative outlet for writing, style, beauty and healthy living. Her goal is to inspire and encourage individuals to live more productively, purposefully and positively. One of her recent posts was about why followers will ‘like’ and post but not bother to comment!

Cheche Winnie at writes an inspiration blog. She is the daughter of an alcoholic and faced terrible barriers growing up. TO read her poetry and writing, it is clear she has come through her experiences with a good heart and positive outlook. Her mantra: “We only have one life so we better live it at our very best. Learn new skills, exploit our talents and live BIG. Let’s stop making excuses for under achieving and give it our all. Be yourself coz sadly everyone else is taken. Enjoy small things that make life sweet.”

Kogwuonye Patrick Onyeka is the author of and hopes it will be an inspiring and informative entertainment portal! The topics are eclectic and interesting: In Honor of Women, Spoken Words Can’t be Retrieved, Patrick Quotes, Power of Smile. Check it out!

Barry and Kelly blog at They are a young couple that moved to Northern Cali from Canada to pursue careers in chiropractic. In this blog, they share health related tips to maximize the quality of life. Their mission is to create a community of physical and mental health in all aspects of life. A great blog for the new year!

Any of my crafty followers will love The authors aim is to publish DIY ideas of hers learned from doing simple and easy crafts. Recent posts include how to make a pop-up card, how to create a tiny nail polish flower, and how to make a beads doll.

Thanks to all my new followers!



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