Book Review: The Hat by C.S. Boyack (@virgilante) #RBRT #Fantasy

The Hat is a delightfully fun, whimsical fantasy with overtones of chick lit and Disney magic. As a novella, it is a fast, fast read, and I was disappointed when I came to the end.

Lizzie St. Laurent is a 21-year-old college dropout who is having a difficult time following the loss of her grandmother, whom she loved and with whom she lived. She moved to an apartment, but her roommate abandoned her, and now she is working multiple jobs just to make ends meet. Her uncle is in control of her grandmothers’ estate, and when she visits her grandmother’s house in the hopes of having something by which to remember her, she finds everything boxed up and on a moving truck. In frustration, she snatches a box from the truck and brings it home.

From the book’s title, the reader can guess what Lizzie finds in that box – a hat – but not just any hat. This Hat can talk and can alter its look to any fashion appropriate to Lizzie’s wardrobe. More importantly, the Hat can transport Lizzie to other places, once it’s on her head. Lizzie is taken by the Hat to a cabin owned by her grandmother, a place which no one knows about, and discovers she can play a mean jazz bass, when the Hat plays through her fingers. The banter between Lizzie and the Hat is pure comedy and made me laugh.

In a serious subplot, the magical and paranormal abilities of the Hat take Lizzie on a roller coaster ride to uncover a ring of baby snatchers and find her best friend’s kidnapped child. How does it do that? You have to read the book.

The ending left me thinking there will be more adventures of these two odd companions, and I’m looking forward to them! C.S. Boyack has created a magical mystery tour de force.

About the author:

Craig Boyack was born in Elko, Nevada, which the author claims has always been a little behind the times and gives him a unique perspective. He moved to Idaho in the early 2000s and jumped into his writing career where he found other writers and critique groups. He likes to write about things that are unusual, and his books are science fiction, fantasy and paranormal designed to entertain his readers. The Hat is his twelfth book.

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  2. So glad you enjoyed the story. Thank you for telling the world about it too. I’ll share this everywhere, but I’ll wait until this evening for my blog. I have a guest over today.

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