I’m in the Doghouse

I’m in the doghouse…or is it cathouse? My two legged clearly had plans for me this morning, because last night she put a new house with a door on the floor in the family room, where I play. I didn’t like it and didn’t even stick my nose in it. It smelled funny. This morning she tried to put me in it, but I wasn’t having any of it, no siree.

She thought she could trick me into it, using the old  box and putting that little pink light I like to chase and some of my treats inside, but I didn’t fall for it. She put a bowl of my favorite wet food inside. I didn’t fall for that either. Then I heard her talking to someone about changing an appointment. Hah! I fixed her.

I was alert and ready to run all morning.

She finally left the new box with the wet food just inside it and went away. I ate the food when she wasn’t looking. I didn’t get any cuddles this morning.



34 thoughts on “I’m in the Doghouse”

  1. Oh dear, puss-puss – your poor Two Legged must despair! You are too clever for her, by half. But those little houses are not so bad. Think of it as temporary accommodation 😉

    1. I got no cuddles yesterday until I made up with her. I actually went into, and then out of, that box today. Now she feed me in it. Do you think she’s up to something?

    1. Thanks for the advice, Ani. I overheard something about claw clipping and weighing and worms.
      I’ll bet that’s what she has planned. But she’s feeding me in the box now and I can’t resist the food!

  2. Vet’s trick. Put the box on its end. Pick up Garfield and drop her gently, back legs first into the box. Unhook her paws from the from and shut the door. Then right the box. Works for ours and they are 16 and very wise.

    1. Sounds very sound, Geoff, but I can’t catch him! I have to wait until he wants a pet and gets in my lap, and of course that never happens when I have an appointment! Right now he’s playing with a bottlecap and ignoring me. I’m feeding him in the box now.

  3. I would share my tips for successful cat wrangling prior to V-E-T appointments with your mom, but I’m sure you’d just delete them before she could read them…

    1. I might, but she’s trying to get me to like that new box by putting my wet food inside. So far, I’m eating it there but I’m not sure what’s she’s planning.

  4. Good work, Garfield! But as a kitty, it’s important that you take good care of yourself and your two-legged Mom really does know what’s best. She’ loves you so much…next time that cathouse is out (preferably several days before the visit and filled with toys and treats), check it out again and take a catnap or two inside. That way, it won’t be so scary when it’s time to go for a ride. 🙂 xo

    1. I think she’s channeling you – she left the box out for me to get used to and now she’s feeding me my wet food inside. I know she’s up to something!

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