My Foot, My Foot – A Kingdom for My Foot

Just when I was feeling fine, healthy and getting stronger from the swimming, I did something stupid. And the end result was this:

With Hubs down and out for lifting and dragging, I was trying to drag a couple of old, ratty and moth eaten umbrellas down the stone stairs from the pool deck. Didn’t watch where I placed my foot and fell, landed on my right side and unluckily fractured a bone in my foot. For those of you in the know, a ones fracture of the base of the 5th metatarsal.

Normally it gets casted and you walk on crutches for six weeks, but with the household situation, no can do So the boot and a

which I really don’t use. We had to cancel two trips in the hopes I can be well enough to go on our trip to Iceland. There’s a 25% chance it won’t heal – probably more because I’m walking on the break – but what can an active woman do?

Anyway, there has been an epidemic of falls with people I know, so watch your step out there, people!

PS I’m still swimming, just using a one leg flutter kick! And no, I’m not swimming in circles.



17 thoughts on “My Foot, My Foot – A Kingdom for My Foot”

  1. Look at it this way – my next door neighbour walked on it and she’s now 100%. I didn’t walk on mine – and it took me two years to get balance back and now I drag one foot behind me! As the lights say at the pedestrian crossing – WALK!

    1. I am walking on mine – in the boot – but sometimes the dang boot is such a pain I just ignore it – worse than the foot and hurts my hip! Good advice.

  2. Oh no! Just get well for Iceland – it’ll do you good, although there might be some rough and uneven walking to do.
    I have a sore foot, (4th/5th metatarsal up to ankle) but I think I’ve strained something. Ibuprofen gel seems to be working.

    1. I take something twice a day for discomfort but am still walking on it – what can you do? Can’t be immobilized. And I’ll do the ICeland trip for sure! Thanks Jemima. Sad news about David Prosser.

  3. You take care of yourself. I know a bunch of people who have fallen recently and broken a bone. So everybody be careful.

    1. Thanks, Sue. I have no idea what will happen. I’m walking around (too much) of course in the dratted boot. Got four weeks until our trip – hopefully better by then…

    1. Thanks, Bette. Taking care of this dang foot and trying to get my fourth book up and running has prevented me from doing the three quote hand off. Mea culpa.

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