The Garfield Chronicles

My two legged goes away for a couple of days at time occasionally. She and Hubs (she calls him that) left me alone again this weekend. I do pretty well on my own but I’ve noticed that someone comes to give me wet food on the middle day. This time it was Ellen. I like Ellen. She told me she has five (wow!) cats and that it was my two legged that introduced her to cats. She knows just where to scratch me!

In any event, she told me I’m a big boy now because the last time she saw me was just after I was brought home.

Here’s some photos of me (I love to pose for photos) then and now!

I do love my cat tree but I’ve heard some talk of my needing a bigger one. We Maine coons tend to be rather large and fluffy! I wonder if I’ll get this big?

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15 thoughts on “The Garfield Chronicles”

    1. Isn’t that cat something, David? And that’s not the biggest one I found on line! More to love!
      Hugs to you – I always like hearing from you! 🙂

    1. Thank you for thinking me as handsome, MC. I’m not sure I want to be as big as that other cat, but I still have a year or so of growing to do…

    1. Garfield is not the biggest cat we’ve had, but then he’s still young. Who knows? My last three cats were big, so I’m not sure what I’d do with a petite cat, Robbie!

  1. I don’t know if you’ll get that big, but it looks like you still have some growing to do if you want to get as big as my Ody. That will earn you nicknames like “Puma” and “Mountain Lion” when other people come to visit you…

    1. You are insightful – I also think he has some more growing to do. How big is Ody? Right now we just call him Fluffy Butt – he has fluffy pantaloons!

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