Death in a Mudflat is out on Friday!

After much angsting and gnashing of teeth (good thing I drink milk!), I am please to announce my fourth book in the Rhe Brewster series is available for download on Kindle June 1. Also available in paperback.

Hat in hand, I would love some reviews of this book, if any of my followers are so inclined. And I’m available to talk about the book!

Here is the press release from Smith Publicity, who is doing a push for me!



            For forty years N.A. Granger taught human anatomy to medical students, paramedics, and first responders. She also spent time as an EMT. Her medical knowledge is vast, and she has woven that deeply into her new career as an author, churning out realistic and page-turning cozy mysteries that keep readers on the edge of their seats. She is at it again with the release of her latest novel, Death in a Mudflat: A Rhe Brewster Mystery, the next installment in the popular series that takes readers on a suspenseful ride through the picturesque small town of Pequod, Maine.

Death in a Mudflat follows fearless detective, ER Nurse and devoted mother Rhe Brewster as she is thrown into a new case – and this one gets a bit muddy. When an idyllic seaside wedding is suddenly interrupted by the grotesque sight of a decaying human arm poking out of the tidal mud, Rhe finds herself trying to solve a mystery full of duplicity, drugs, and of course, murder.

With her best friend Paulette and her main man Sam, the Chief of Police, Rhe seeks to solve the puzzle of the body found in the muck while also working with the FBI to identify the source of shipments of tainted heroin flooding the local campus and community. Maine’s opioid crisis has hit the town hard, with an escalating number of overdoses. More murders are uncovered, testing Rhe’s detective skills and steely resolve. While she follows the clues, Rhe encounters some sinister inhabitants of Pequod’s underbelly, including a practitioner of the Dark Arts, a hydra-headed crime gang, and an embittered, unhinged lobsterman with an axe to grind and nothing to lose. In her relentless drive to solve the crimes, Rhe narrowly escapes a watery grave, trades blows with Russian goons, and unknowingly prompts Paulette to put her life on the line in an attempt to catch a murderer in the act.

“I enjoy having readers fall in love with my book’s setting and characters, and then be so invested they feel devastated when something happens to them. Or, they simply look forward to spending more time with the characters again in the next book,” Granger says. “That is what makes a good story, and it continues to be thrilling to give that to my audience.”



21 thoughts on “Death in a Mudflat is out on Friday!”

  1. Congratulations, Noelle. And wow–I had no idea of your background prior to writing.
    I need to catch up with your series. Maybe I’ll start with this one and read backward. It sounds intriguing. And I am more than happy to host you on my blog if you’d like to do a guest spot about the book!

      1. I’m open to any kind of guest post you’d like to do. I find they normally work better than straight promo and usually leave them up to my guests. Give me a yell and we’ll set something up when you’re ready!

  2. I would love to read Death in a Mudflat, but can only find it in Kindle format. Where can I go to purchase a paperback?

    1. It’s a long story, Jeanne. I’ve been having a go around with KDP about my ISBN, and I hope that all is now resolved. It will be available in paperback this week, if I’ve manged to straighten it out. So don’t give up – thanks for wanting to read it!

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