A Thank You to My New Followers

I’ve been the beneficiary of a number of new followers in the last few months. Since I can’t thank them individually (as you know I am STILL editing my book), I decided I would tell you about them as a way of giving them a group hug.


Abe Box Blog at    A site about naturopathic medicine

RamblingGrandma – I couldn’t find her web site, but I think her for following me a blog site whose author writes short stories, poety, reviews books and a talented pen and ink artist

Diego D. Loamx at who describes himself  as a child of the 80’s, a teenager of the 90’s, and a huge fanboy; a hopeful writer who has created a trilogy called Dream of Dragons.  I know some of my blog followers might like his books. created in 2019 and covers broad topics such as science, economy, politics, entertainment, culture, and how they relate to the climate change (climate crisis) issues – and eco-conscious living. created to create awareness in its followers about living with epilepsy which researches the best online shopping websites in India (Barb Taub might like this one!)

MJ on Inspirational quotes and writing whose author is Sivuyile Daniel,a South African author of Rough Diamond in the Rain, music teacher and founder of Eight Notes Academy

Brainy Janey at  This blog specializes in book reviews – some pretty good ones from the looks of it. You might want to visit.

Rain Alchemist at Its author is Vinayak and writing has been his passion from a long time. There is a collection of his poems there, quite lovely.

Abigail Mercy at is a writer from Ghana. Her blog is also entitled Black Ink, and concerns technology, motivation,travel, and politics accompanied by some spectacular photographs.

Lou des Anges at writes a very popular blog called Space Time Bae filled with poetry. She describes herself an insatiable poet, who likes writing, feeding her brain, cooking vegan recipes, nature, ducks, road trips, listening to the same song until her soul can’t take it anymore, funny people, authenticity, and throwing her soul into the cosmos.

Jehanne at Her blog is a lot like mine, with offerings in history, events, family, and travel along with calligraphy, illumination, materials and tools (these last are not found in mine). Great medieval illustrations!

R Duncanheart at  who is the wife of a Software Engineering Director, mother of 3 grown daughters and recently a grandmother. She has a degree in Business Administration focusing on Organizational Management, and enjoys writing to encourage others with epilepsy and other chronic illnesses/ disorders to which she can relate.

Frank at He write in Spanish and if my translation is correct his blog contains phrases, poetry, short stories and other writings.

Jack Black at – a new blogger just blogging about his life.

Urban Vyass blogs at For more than ten years, he got around on a boat, but now he gets most of his utilities by magic just like everyone else who lives on land. He has published a book The Beginning: A Multicultural Tale of Transformation (The Maharajagar Book 1), a mash up of adventure, metaphysics, science and history. It sounds pretty interesting.



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