The followers keep coming – thanks so much!

It’s lovely to meet them, and I hope they’ll stop back for a visit from time to time.

Eamon at has a book out: Divide the Dawn for those of you enthralled by the living dead!

Alison Little at writes about women’s issues and showcases her art – painting of sculptural forms which represent areas of urban residence. Very lovely!

Michael Frank at Michael is a 20-something who blogs about movies.

https://modelelenamollymurgu.home is the blog of very beautiful model Elena Molly Murgu, who models for high end magazines such as Vogue. Her blog is about fashion news and trends, designers, models, style and the business of fashion. Any fashionista out there will love her blog.

Divya Srivastava at Her blog is an advice column and she has a ton of followers.

Tanner Shurtliff at Tanner is writing a sci fi series on his blog called The Pale Chronicles.  Sci fi fans out there will like this.

Lance at is writing a four book series called Beyond the Crypts and Castles, a working title, set on the fictional continents of The New World and The Old World. The books are in the genre of Game of Thrones, and he’s publishing chapters for comments and advice from readers.

Sandeep Dhawan at  who blogs about geopolitics. Great topic!

Viktor Shklvtch from the Ukraine at  a blog about the uses and benefits of vitamins

Capitan Quiros at He blogs in Spanish, so I can partially understand. He is a writer, student teacher, and a blogger. Captain Quirós raises a series of reflections and tips for a change of real life and personal transformation. He is currently working on his first book

Mom the Book Thief at, age twenty four with a full time job, a boyfriend, two lovely dogs, two sometimes lovely siblings (of the moody teenager variety) and an obsession with books. Her blog center around all things books.

KC Avalon at author of Three in the Key, a suspense novel with romance!

hellyton – no info, just a gravatar



8 thoughts on “The followers keep coming – thanks so much!”

      1. That’s true, Noelle. There’s no shortage of things to do online – the trick is not to burn out. I’ve been doing blogging and social media for my library, and that does tire me out for my own blog. Still working out a balance!

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