I had a light bulb

Writers are probably not finding this shut down, sheltering in place, forced to stay home – whatever you want to call it – tremendously difficult. Except for maybe getting exercise. I think I might end up putting on the Covid 15..or 50.





Anyway, I thought about it and then had an idea.

Since we can’t market our books except on line, why don’t we help each other by posting a review of a blogging buddy’s book once a week? That might drive sales and spread the word.

Whaddaya think?



In the meantime, here’s something to brighten your day.



28 thoughts on “I had a light bulb”

    1. Thank you, Takami! How are you all doing? So far, so good here. We are all sequestered although I’ve snuck over to see my grandson once. He’s two months old and brings great light to our lives!

      1. Thank you for your reply – very relieved to know you are doing well. My husband and I are “hanging in there” too. Our government also declared a state of emergency earlier this week. Fortunately, we can work from home – we are thankful for that.

        I can imagine your grandson brings much joy to everyone in the family. Please do continue to take care!❤️

  1. Nice thought! I tend to post at least one review a week anyway – either RBRT, a personal reading choice or a book I’ve come to via Twitter.

    You’re so right about writers not finding this so hard as most people – I couldn’t care less, and like not having to go anywhere! Only slight annoyances are running out of food things I like and not being able to go to the hairdressers, etc, but they’re very much ‘first world problems’ and not something I’m ever going to complain about!

    1. Yeah, the hair thing is a problem. I had my hairdresser cut my hair pretty short right before the stay at home order came in but I do need a color touch up (shhh). I am taking the Gaelic class three times a week and that takes time for studying, even with open book exams. Right now I am writing a children’s book in Gaelic (very simple) called Fergus (he’s a sea otter) and St. Brendan (one of the biggish Scottish saints). Class assignment..

  2. A great idea, Noelle. What a lovely way to spread a little much-needed joy. I’m posting reviews once a month of 8-10 indie books. It’s been a total blast and feels like a celebration during these dark times. Happy Reading. 🙂

      1. Working on the same trilogy that I’ve been slogging through for 2 years, Noelle. Between caring for my parents and their health challenges and now this virus weirdness, it’s been a slow go. Maybe… August! Yippee!

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