Setting Sail

I haven’t posted for a while, a period during which we have been packing and purging our house. I will be away for a while more, as we move next week. Our problem now is that our new house is not ready, so we can’t close on it. It seems that state laws say you cannot move into a house with no appliances (there is a refrigerator there, but no cook top or stove). Which could mean a long time in a hotel.  And a long time for our poor cat to be boarded. Please send a few prayers up that this is resolved for us!

Moving has given me packing brain, along with some underlying melancholia that I am leaving a house in which I raised my kids, spent my entire career, and grew old. There have been some small moments of tears, but I need to move on. Life is a series of changes, and some people, myself included, don’t handle change well.

I’ll be back in November with some posts from my book, The Last Pilgrim. November saw the end of the Mayflower’s journey, but not the end of the many obstacles the Pilgrims faced.

Wish me luck as I embark on my own voyage!



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  1. I already regret that I hit “LIKED” on this, because of course there is very little to like about moving! I hope for your poor cat’s sake at least that you can resolve the appliance issue soon. And warmest wishes for life in your new place!

  2. Oh no, what a funny state law. I suppose it was to prevent people being pushed into substandard accommodation, but you’re in the middle of revamping the kitchen, if I remember rightly (which I probably don’t). Good luck.

  3. petespringerauthor

    Good luck to you and yours on your move, Noelle. By the way, I should be finishing reading The Last Pilgrim in the next couple of days. It’s been an excellent read. Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres

    1. Good grief! I thought we were experts when we moved seven times in about ten years! But it’s been 35 years since the last one! I hope you are home to stay now!

  4. Wishing you all the best with your move, Noelle. I know it must be hard saying goodbye to a place you have lived for so long, but I’m sure once you close on the new house you’ll make many new and happy memories.

    BTW, I finished The Last Pilgrim and was thoroughly mesmerized. The amount of research you must have put into that book is astounding. My 5-star review is on Amazon and Goodreads, and I’ll be posting it to my blog this Tuesday. What an amazing story you told!

    1. Thanks so much, MC. Trying to market this book at this time has been SO difficult. As soon as we have a reliable vaccine I’ll be able to do in person marketing and readings. Right now I have to rely on my friends like you! Blessings!

  5. I am sending you gobbles and gobbles of good luck. You describe so well the sad feeling of saying goodbye to a place that we have loved and where we have raised our family. But hopefully you can enjoy the exciting feeling of taking a new step forward to new adventures. 🙏💙

    1. Many thanks for the good wishes! Right now our adventure is living in a hotel room for the fifth day while the construction company diddles and dawdles with the inspections necessary before we can close on the new house. Might be another week….

      1. Hard to have patience in those circumstances, but looking back, you’ll laugh at the ordeal…? Maybe??? ;-0 Well, you’ll sure be appreciative of being in your new lovely home.

  6. How exciting a house move into a new build but I also understand your sadness my parents have been in their home 31 years. I would make the most of the hotel, all your meals done and cleaning done for you and have a nice relax before moving day lol.

    I send my very best wishes that you got your completion date through quickly and the move goes smoothly and everything is in the boxes you think its in. You won’t need luck because I’m sure you’re well planned and everything will go smoothly.

    All my best wishes Charlotte x

    1. Thank you, dear Charlotte. We are moved in at last, not without a week of trauma, and are now arranging furniture and decorating. We still have mounds of boxes, too. It feels like we are living in a hotel still! My daughter and her husband helped us with both the packing up and moving out and also the moving in, and we are so grateful. It helped ease the transition!

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