Book Report: Tales of the Risen Tide by David M. Reynolds #RBRT #YA fantasy #post-apocalyptic dystopian adventure

I purchased this book for review as a member of Rosie’s Book Review Team.

All I can say is whew! This book took me on a breathless, swashbuckling adventure set on the seas of a ravaged Earth in the distant future. It is a fresh take from the many dystopian novels I’ve read and will appeal to YA and adult readers as well.

The main character is Jimn Hatcher, a young lad who works under deplorable conditions welding holes in hull of a transport vessel, holes created by magflies, which eat metal. Jimn was given to pirates when he was very young because his homeland was starving and his parents wanted him to survive. The pirates sold him in turn to the owners of this transport vessel.

Jimn longs to see land and people other than the cruel overseers of the ship. When the ship is attacked by pirates, Jimn finds himself on a wooden sailing ship called the Archon, populated by distinct, highly engaging and well-developed characters. The description of the Archon, the lands she visits and the people Jimn runs into –and away from – as he tries to discover more about himself and the past, are imaginative and colorful. 

One of the other compelling characters is Nix, whose story opens the book. She comes from an ancient people and is deaf.  After she is captured by pirates and circuitously arrives on the Archon, Jimn is the only one who can speak with her via sign language.

The Archon sails on dangerous seas as it seeks to stop a maniacal order of monks who are determined to obliterate all knowledge of the past, and we are treated to fantastical mechanisms and forms of humanity along the way as the Archon sails into uncharted waters. .

The action is non-stop and the world building is fresh and vibrant.

This is classical fantasy story-telling against the background of a tech-damaged world, with a clear love for what’s been created. The author’s imagination runs amok and I loved it.

There isn’t space to write about all the wondrous and amazing adventures in this book – you have to read it. There is another book on the way, and I can’t wait.

Five stars.

About the author:

A lifelong storyteller, David Reynolds grew up writing role-playing adventures for his friends, before graduating to filmmaking in his late teens. After nearly 20 years of making film – everything from zombie action movies to underwater fantasy – the author fell head over heels

for the creative process that is novel writing. His foundation in visual storytelling remains a strong influence in his written work.

When he’s not writing, the author loves to cultivate an eclectic set of interests and skills. Current obsessions include learning the Viola, boxing, sailing, and oil painting.

He lives with his wife and young children in a sleepy village nestled between the wild woods of Dartmoor and the Devon coastline.



26 thoughts on “Book Report: Tales of the Risen Tide by David M. Reynolds #RBRT #YA fantasy #post-apocalyptic dystopian adventure”

    1. Thanks, Priscilla. Believe it or not, I liked the cover on this one and love anything to do with the ocean, so I decided to give the book a try. What a ride!

  1. The cover is beautiful, Noelle. That caught my eye first, and then your review snagged me. The story sounds great and like something I’d thoroughly enjoy. I just hopped over to Amazon and purchased it. I’m probably a month away from reading it, but I’ll get there! Thanks so much for the great review and recommendation!

      1. I’ve been on a book buying spree this month, including a 5-book series that I’m going to buddy read with the hubby. So it will take me a bit to get to it, but I will and I always review. I’m looking forward to it!

          1. On long trips, we just have one of our phones read to us. I’m careful about the authors I pick, so we’ve had pretty good luck. Every once in a while I stop the reading so we can discuss. It’s a hoot.

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