A Fellow Blogger Has Died

Grayson QueenI got a brief message today on my blog from someone whom I don’t know.  This person wanted to tell me that Grayson Queen, a blogger whom I follow, had died. His last two posts told us he had to leave work because he was bleeding from his ears and nose, apparently from an infection. He was given antibiotics and sent home. As an anatomist, I know that any infection in the middle ear and nasal sinuses has a good chance of spreading to the brain. I wasn’t told how he died, but I suspect it might have been that.

Grayson was young, 35, and a remarkable young man. Here is how he describes himself from his blog, Posting Tuesdays:

“Grayson Queen is a full-time novelist and painter located out of Orange County, California. His artistic passions range from deeply philosophical to unusual science fiction and fantasy. In his free time, Grayson dabbles with music, sculpture, and various explorations of geek culture. He is happily married to a dinosaur, and is happily owned by two amazing cats.”

Grayson’s  wife, Rara, about whom I wrote last year, is also a  blogger, an exceptional writer,and is currently doing time in a California prison for a white collar crime. She has been told of his death. I cannot imagine how awful this is for her.

You can visit her blog, Rarasaur, at Grayson would post pieces sent from her on her blog. Rara will be released this coming November.

I am deeply affected by Grayson’s death. He had struggled hard in the past two years with the arrest and incarceration of his wife, a low-paying job that meant he had to live in an unsafe place, and an inability to continue writing. His blog stories were amazing.

I don’t know whom to contact to find out more, to send my regrets and sympathy, but felt I needed to mark his passing. Our world is poorer for his passing.




51 thoughts on “A Fellow Blogger Has Died”

      1. You will find links to what you’re searching for on my blog if someone hasn’t given them to you already. Dave/Grayson was a friend of mine & many of us on another site.
        Thank you for spreading the word. People need to know this story. He was a magnificent person.

  1. Oh my… these poor people have been through so much – and now Grayson is gone. I was shocked to read your post; I know how difficult the incarceration has been for that family.

  2. Such a shame Noelle, perhaps the authorities will see fit to release Rara early wearing a tag or maybe on probation. The news must have devastated her and will leave her feeling helpless.
    Grayson has passed far too young, a sad loss to our community.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    1. We can all hope this – I have no way to know what is going on unless someone posts for Rara or she gets out and posts herself. I am still in shock today. Thanks for the hugs – I feel in need of them today!

    1. You hit the nail on the head with regard to how I feel. I only know these people through their blogs, and yet I feel like I do know them and have suffered with them through their troubles.

      1. Yes, me too. I was truly shaken this morning when I received an email with the news. Though I never met either of the couple, it still sounds surreal. Tragic. I can’t imagine how Rara is.

  3. I can’t bring myself to “like” this post, because it is just so sad. He was so young, and so much of their life seemed to come to shambles so quickly. A true, and terrible, loss to the community, and the world.

      1. You can write to her in prison. CDCR has an online inmate search function. Put in her name — Radhika Jaini and it will say where she is. Then click on the link for the prison and it will have instructions for how to address mail.

  4. This is tragic news indeed. I didn’t have to opportunity to find my way to Grayson’s site, but my heart breaks for him and his family left behind. It hits hard, as I will be the same age as him this year… Thank you for sharing, for letting us know.

      1. It is so sad. While I don’t know of their circumstances, I sincerely hope his wife will be allowed to attend. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

      1. Thanks, Daydreams. I am out of town with limited connection but will post Rara’s address on my blog when I get back so that people can send her their sympathies and let her know she is not alone.

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