Just to follow up on a comment I made in the previous post: I did go to Bouchercon last week. I attended the speed dating event and two sessions. That’s it.

This is how it fell out. Wednesday I was experiencing an ominous tickle in the back of my throat (posterior oral pharynx for any anatomists out there). My husband was just beginning to recover from a bad virus I assume he’d gotten from one of his patients, and my only thought was uh-oh. But I started sucking on zinc lozenges, went to bed early and was on my way at 6 AM Thursday morning, determined to get through the speed dating. Washed my hands extensively. Turns out having to talk loudly to be heard over the general noise in the room for two hours really did my throat in, and by the time noon rolled around, something had snuck up and sucker punched me, so I pleaded for my room at the hotel so I could lie down. Nothing available until 4 PM I was told, so I attended another session, sitting way back in the room and leaning up against a wall. I took notes but can’t remember most of what transpired. At 3 PM, a room opened up, so I schlepped my bags to the room, fell on the bed and slept until 6. Ordered something to eat, went back to sleep and slept through the Sisters in Crime breakfast the following morning,

At that point, I realized I was good and truly sick, no point in even trying to make myself go to sessions and spread the evil virus, so I packed up and headed home.

Thus endeth my time at Bouchercon 2015.

Thanks to my friend Elizabeth Callwell for checking in on me and taking notes at various sessions to share.

My voice has still not returned, so I’m grateful for a keyboard. Can’t give this to my husband since that darned germ carrier’s already had it.




22 thoughts on “BOUCHERCON 2015: I WENT, I SAW, I HAD TO GO HOME”

    1. Now there’s a story, Sue. I cannot abide tea. When I lived in Prague, I got food poisoning twice, just the worst thing I’d ever endured. And when I was somewhat on the mend, I was given tea and dry toast. So now I associate tea with whooops.

  1. I hope you are feeling better. I had a similar sounding niggle last week and it was quite dreadful. You have my every sympathy and I would make tea for you, if I could.

    1. I have my voice back sort of, but still feel like I’m moving through tar. Another day of rest and I should be almost back to normal. And I hope that’s it for the season! Stay well. At least I can’t give you this bug!

  2. So sorry you had such a rough time. My NYC friend has had a bug too. Don’t overdo things and get well soon <3

    1. I hope you don’t get a virus like this, Charlotte. Your beautiful voice would be stilled while it raged. I lost my voice last weekend, and I’m still squeeking! I hibernate – a great excuse to sleep all day while the body mends. Sleep is the great healer.

    1. Yes, Luccia, I’m doing the first major re-write – and adding another chapter while at it. It will go to my beta readers by the end of the month, Things are moving!
      I am still hacking and sound like Lauren Bacall on steroids but am back exercising (took my last swim today – we had to close the pool because the temps are in the 50s).
      Stay tuned. Cover reveal in December.

  3. I’m sorry you’ve been so ill, Noelle… that sounds dreadful. Hope you’re feeling much better now. I must admit, though, I’m a bit confused; you have a husband, so why go speed dating???

    1. I AM feeling better but my voice is still croaky because I strained my vocal chords by having to talk very loudly for two hours in the speed dating. The speed dating at Bouchercon means as an author you will circulate among 30 tables (where 8 possible readers of your book are sitting at each), give them a 2 minute pitch, and distribute goody bags. The noise level is awful so you have to yell. I’ve been happily married to my husband for 47 years!

      1. Well thats a novel idea! Pardon the pun! Lol! Sounds quite nerve-racking, too. But if I was a reader, I would just relish the idea of getting to meet the authors like that! If you werent so ill, Im sure you would have found it quite fun! But probably quite exhausting.

  4. I’m sorry to hear you were unwell. It’s a very interesting idea I’d never heard off before, but then, we try to be novel…I hope you’re better now.

    1. Thanks, Olga. I’m STILL recovering – voice is not quite back and the cough seems to go on and on, but my energy has returned. No more long naps! 🙁

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