What the heck are seagulls doing here?

Dear Readers:

I was up in Virginia this weekend and made a trip to the Walmart in Rocky Mount. I was surprised to see a flock of sea gulls basking in the sun in the parking lot, since Rocky Mount is roughly 200miles from the coast.



Well, color me somewhat ignorant. I’ve discovered there are more than 50 species of gulls worldwide, with many found hundreds of miles from the nearest ocean. Some actually live primarily inland, including the ring billed gull, which thrives in suburban settings around the United States.

Gulls are opportunistic omnivores and will eat all sorts of things: insects, earthworms, rodents, grains and even French fries and other fast food. Mall parking lots offer the chance of a handout and Dumpsters filled with scrapsΒ  Gulls also prefer open areas where they can spot predators and take off easily, which this group did as soon as I got any closer for another picture.

Along with this picture, I also picked up a head cold and now feel like a blivet, which is an old family term for 10 lbs of crap in a 5 lb paper bag.

Snufflingly yours…



37 thoughts on “What the heck are seagulls doing here?”

    1. I’d never really paid attention to them, probably. I don’t recall seeing them in Illinois, and otherwise have always lived on or near a coast. With so many different species, I suppose it’s pretty likely they are everywhere.

  1. My gran used to chase them with a broom and tell them to ***** emigrate. he added beeps for my sensitive ears. When my brother chased them going beep beep beep back home, many miles inland from my gran’s my mother was horrified. ‘Where did you learn that?’ ‘At gran’s. She wants them to egrimate.’

  2. We had them in Vermont on Lake Champlain too. I always figured they just followed the food. Hope you feel better soon, Noelle. “Blivet” is a new word for me – the definition made me laugh, but it sure doesn’t sound like fun πŸ™

    1. I’m improving, Diana, thanks. Blivet is a real word that my family sort of usurped. Funny, we have lots of strange words, such as “cheese dreams” for toasted cheese sandwiches.

  3. I never knew that about te gulls either… I thought they were seabirds. Hope you’re feeling better soon, Noelle. I too have been plagued with colds since the new year.

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