V = FBI Agent Michael Bowers

If Agent Bongiovanni is Jeff, then Bowers is Mutt. He’s much shorter than the senior agent, and Rhe noticed when she first met him that he was nervous, tapping his fingers on the table, checking his phone, and biting his nails.

Bowers also has hubris, as evidenced in this exchange:

“We’ll tell the CEO of the possibility of contaminated transplant tissue immediately, but we’ll need to find a paper trail to confirm it. Hopefully he’ll be cooperative,” continued Bowers. “It’s going to take some time to find everything, but we have agents working on it right now. Mr. Moretti is going to be indicted for a long list of federal and local crimes, don’t you worry,” he finished in a condescending tone. I could almost hear the missing ending: your pretty little headI wonder if he’d passed the FBI gender sensitivity training.  Do they even have that?

Michael Bowers plays a larger role in Death in a Dacron Sail, since he is assigned to work with Rhe on the kidnapping case. Here I describe him more fully: Bowers fits the image of a standard issue agent: neatly dressed in a dark suit with a striped tie, his thin, blonde-white hair neatly trimmed and combed to the side. Aside from his nervous ticking – he taps the desk surface with the end of his pen – his most remarkable feature are his eyes, a luminous gray, peering out through dark-framed glasses.

Bowers is clearly not pleased to be assigned to work with Rhe and makes his feelings known, but after a trip to tell some parents that their little girl is dead, he regards Rhe with more respect. He is also clearly a rookie – he nearly dies while investigating a possible perp – but he and Bongiovanni come to Rhe’s rescue at the end of the book.

Bowers is a somewhat humorous character, innocent and bumbling. Both he and Bongiovanni with return in Death in a Mudflat, my fourth book.

Again, I used a high school classmate by the name of Bowers for this character, but not for his description. Do you have a vision for this character?




7 thoughts on “V = FBI Agent Michael Bowers”

    1. Yeah, that term is not au courant but it’s sort of like Laurel and Hardy, if you know who they are!
      You are waaaay too young to have seen their movies!

  1. I’m like your reader above, needed a bit of refreshing. But I sure know who Laurel and Hardy are. Interesting character, the agent.
    Are we hanging in there? Four more letters. 🙂

      1. Your posts are great. My son’s virus is kicking both of us. Kills me to see him sick and so tired. Getting distracted at the end of Challenge, so love coming and chatting here.

        1. Stop by anytime! Children are amazing purveyors of bugs – and it seems we take a lot longer to recover! Have a good cup of hot tea, and put your feet up (if you can!). Take time for yourself, and of course I always tell people to sleep, sleep. I’ve found a day or two in bed can shorten such an illness, but I was never able to do that until I retired!

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