And the rest of my characters

Here are the rest of the suggestions for my characters in my book. I hope you’ll make some comments and maybe even be interested enough to read more about them in my books.

Q = Phil Pearce. Phil is the only character I’ve created with a specific face in mind, that of J.D. Qualls. Robin Rivera Also suggested Gerard Depardieu, another good choice.

JD QuarrelsGerard Diepardieu

R = Ruthie Hersh, the elderly fireplug who guards the police station from the front desk and knows everybody’s business. She has fading red hair in a bun in the first book.  There were no suggestions here, so I picked Debbie Reynolds and Betty White.

Betty WhiteDebby Reynolds

S = Sam Brewster, Chief of the Pequod Police Department. I still don’t have a perfect vision of him and there were no takers for him either. He is a combination of my brother and Chief Chris Blue of the Chapel Hill Police Department. With regard to actors, I see him as possibly looking a bit like Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Chris BluePhillip Seymour Hoffman

Chief Chris Blue

T = Tanya Davis, a minor character in the first book who reappears briefly in the third. She is an African American undergraduate who looks like she could be an athlete but in fact is a physics nerd. Jemima Pett suggested the British long jumper Jade Johnson. My pick is China Anne McClain, a young American actress.

Jade JohnsonChina Anne McClain

U = Senior FBI Agent Bongiovanni. Geoff came up with a young John Cleese or Kevin Kline. Bongiovanni is described on the basis of a high school classmate of mine, but I see him played by none other than Jeff Goldbloom.

Kevin KlineJohn Cleese

Jeff Goldbloom

V = FBI Agent Michael Bowers.  No one had any suggestions, and I want someone who could be clutsy, arrogant, socially inept, but also sweet. Jeremy Renner came to mind.

Jeremy Renner

W = Will Brewster, the cad of a husband. Jemima suggested a young Chris Noth could be slimy enough. I definitely see David Hyde Pierce.

Chris NothDavid Hyde Pierce

X = Bitsy Wellington, one of the villains in the first book and a huge part of the third. I didn’t have a good vision of Bitsy when I started writing her, but then I saw the Grave Digger episodes on Bones, and knew I had found the perfect person – someone capable of playing a small woman, aggressive and downright nasty: Deirdre Lovejoy. She is currently playing a badass senior administrator with a Southern accent on Black List.

Deirdre Lovejoy

Y  = Rhe, and I have to admit I do not have a focus on her yet. Perhaps it’s best that way. In an indirect way, a high school classmate suggested Lee Remick, an actress probably most of you don’t remember since she was popular in the 60s. Geoff, not to be stumped, suggested Sandra Bullock.

Lee RemickSandra Bullock

Z = Zoey Harris, Will’s lover and the cause of the breakup of his marriage to Rhe.  Slender, blonde and self-centered, she led to Jemima’s suggestion of Elle McPherson, and I thought of a young Gwyneth Paltrow.

Elle McPhersonGwyneth Paltrow

Thanks to all of you who responded with these suggestions. Geoff and Jemima take the cake for participation!

So, what do you all think now? Agree? Have other suggestions?

Don’t forget, many of these characters return in Death by Pumpkin, along with some great new ones and some hair-raising moments for Rhe!



10 thoughts on “And the rest of my characters”

    1. Thought you might like this choice. Geoff! When I was in high school my first love and a forever friend (despite the fact I didn’t marry him!) told me he thought I looked like her – I was, and still am, flattered.

  1. Bongiovanni seems to have the starkest difference in tastes… both look good to me! Both of those actors have very striking features.

    1. Physically, Jeff Goldboom is very, very close to what I am imagining. I might try to weave some of his odd ball humor into the book character, who is returning in my fourth book.

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