This and That and a Request

Whew! I’m still coming down from A-Z, but wanted to catch y’all up on the Granger clan doings. Right now we are awaiting the move of my daughter and son-in-law from LA back to NC. They’ll be staying with us for a while, and in the meantime we are looking at houses for them. Guess they trust us to pick something good for a starter house, and truth be told, we’ve got some experience (not all of it great).

We’ve seen some really overpriced dogs so far, such as one listed as just needing some cosmetic fixes. Fixes like the removal of the two huge pines leaning over the drive and replacing both front and back decks, the roof, the siding, and all the upstairs carpeting – not to mention refinishing the floors, putting in an all new kitchen (part of it was ripped out), and refurbishing both bathrooms.

Hopefully things will improve when we see some more this coming week, but we are not hopeful.

The request? I am looking for some followers who would be willing to read an Advanced Reader copy of my new book, Death by Pumpkin, which will be out around the middle of June. I would love to have some reviews posted on Amazon  before the release date! I will provide a real book to read!

Cover reveal in two weeks! and thanks to everyone who voted!



8 thoughts on “This and That and a Request”

  1. Would love to help ‘read/review’ your new book before release, Noelle. Meanwhile, Happy House Hunting for the kids. I’m sure it will be great to welcome them home. xo

    1. I’ve watched so many house hunting shows, I consider myself to be almost an expert at this point. But once a house is chosen, we still need to have a house inspection.

  2. I hope the book launch goes really well. I’ve got three operas to learn in the same number of months but I’ll try to order one for my Mum because she loves reading then she’ll hand it down to me 😊

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