Interrupting the Vacation for New Followers

I’ve been collecting new followers and here are some of the most interesting bloggers I’ve met!

Hannah Miller, a professional write at She writes humorous pieces – Loved her Love and Blackberry Bushes post

J Giambrone – interesting posts! One got my atentions: How US Intelligence rewrites the movies.

Grandmaw Ames at  Great, humorous posts about life.

m kunjumon at Everything you ever wanted to know about the hibiscus! – an internal monologue of external sightings

GG Collins at – the blog of the writer of dark fantasy mysteries. A real crossover!

Megan McCullum, the Capital Nerd at – book reviewer growing into herself – who writes about human emotions

Nageshkvadhera at – Great resource for forensics!

Dylan Langes at – he reviews movies from a millennial viewpoint and guess what? He and my daughter agree!

Kerry Black, Allusionary Assembly at – powerful writer!

Lorna at Married, a mother and wheelchair -bound . She’/s a profile in courage.

Talon series author Gigi Sedlmayer at  We all know and admire her work!

Rebecca at She’s a fantasy & science fiction writer by night and a non-profit worker by day.

James Dee Clayton at He’s a world traveler – check out his post on Israel.

Anastasia at A book junkie from Finland who reviews all sorts of books.

Xeno at He blogs about everything from how to avoid expensive dental treatment to treatment for itchy feet!

Neha Kundapur at She is a Junior Perfumer in a fragrance company, creating new fragrances! She writes inspirational posts!

Rimpy at She is a part-time nursing student and part-time blogger with great tips for blogging and reviews of books, TV etc. Her stats are amazing for just a short time blogging!



9 thoughts on “Interrupting the Vacation for New Followers”

  1. Wow! That’s a diverse group of bloggers. Wouldn’t it be fun to get them all together at a party—- I guess this is what you are doing Noelle—having a blog party. Cool!

    1. Thanks, Tina. I figured if these people did me the honor of following my blog, the least I could do is recognize that I visited them and give them a shout out.

  2. Thanks for posting. I’ve followed some of these bloggers. Always good to follow a variety of bloggers. Xx

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