Hey, everyone, just a reminder that those folks in Texas really, really need our help. The outpouring of local help in terms of people with boats and food carts has been heart-warming, but I felt rather hopeless to do anything from where I am. There are thousands of people who have lost their homes, and who will need assistance in every way.

For now, food, water and shelter are needed. Even the shelters are starting to flood in some areas. We can’t expect the government to do everything, and  the government has a poor record of being ready for a disaster of this magnitude (although it seems it’s a lot better this time around). We need to pick up the slack through the private organizations to help fill in the gaps.

So how can we help? Donate whatever you can afford. The places I would recommend are

The American Red Cross;

Samaritan’s Purse:

Mercury One:

Samaritan’ Purse is run by the Reverend Franklin Graham, while Mercy One is a Glenn Beck organization. Both of these use all of your donation without taking overhead and do not proselytize. I don’t care about religions or political affiliation – only that my money goes in its entirety to what I designate.

I hope you can help!

Your blogger friend, Noelle



11 thoughts on “TEXAS”

  1. Thank you for posting this. If you live in Houston and surrounding areas, consider volunteering with the Red Cross. Will need long term support.
    A bright spot today:
    A peek of sun came out. A few grocery stores have opened. The ground is still saturated because the water doesn’t have anywhere to go. We will be in flood mode for several more days. Hopefully, the rain has stopped for a while in Houston. The storm is headed to Louisiana.

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