Notes from a Growing Cat

Okay, so I have to let you know how things have been going around here.

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Right now, I’m Kitty Non Grata, as my two legged calls me, or else Peck’s Bad Boy. I have no idea why she would call me that, and I don’t know what these names mean. I don’t mind Fluffy Butt and Silly, but at least those sound nice.

And I’m certainly quite nice – I talk to her all the time, eat my food (although there’s never enough of the good stuff), keep her company while she writes, and make her and Hubs laugh. I do demand to be petted while she’s writing, but she doesn’t seem to mind giving me cuddles from time to time.

I do love two legged’s food. Something called chicken, another something called steak, cheese (my favorite) and cereal milk, although she usually takes it away before I can get my nose into it. I need my sustenance, because I’m a growing cat.

I even let her brush me, although I don’t tolerate that wiry thing for long. She says I have incipient mats – do you know what incipient mats are? Anyway, she makes me all fluffy a couple of times a week.

Since I’ve discovered the upstairs, I have all sorts of room to run: up and down the hallway, up and down the stairs. The only problem is, she can hear me coming. And upstairs is where I apparently got into trouble. There are these things called quilts she had hanging over the bannister and wall. They are lots of fun to play under and occasionally they fall on the floor. I don’t know what the big deal is.

Upstairs is also a nice big bathroom. I like the place where the water comes from the ceiling. It’s fun to listen to it drip down the hole in the center of the floor, and I like to sleep in there. There’s also something called a washcloth – sometimes they end up on the floor, where I do battle with them. I killed at least two of them last week.

Well, I think that’s all the fun I have to report. But if you figure out what Peck’s Bad Boy is, do tell.

PS From Garfield’s two legged:

Henry “Hennery” Peck, popularly known as Peck’s Bad Boy, is a fictional character created by George Wilbur Peck (1840–1916). The Bad Boy appeared in numerous print, stage, and film adaptations, some as recently as the 1940s. The character is portrayed as a mischievous prankster, and the phrase “Peck’s bad boy” has entered the language to refer to anyone whose mischievous or bad behavior leads to annoyance or embarrassment.

I’ll have to clue him in.



17 thoughts on “Notes from a Growing Cat”

  1. Humans have a term for this phase. It’s called the terrible twos. You’re discovering things – she doesn’t like the way you discover her things. Bertie’s pretty much in the same stage.

  2. Hey Garfield,

    We share a few tastes, I see… specially the cheese… but you are a braver creature than me if you’ll go in the athroom voluntarily!

    Much love, Ani xx

    1. Thanks, Bette. Garfield is a hoot and very much still a kitten. We’ve determined he is at least part Maine coon, which I’ve wanted for years. Based on his current size he may get to be a BIG cat.

    1. 🙂 Honestly, he has more toys than a child. He still does not like my husband, except when he feeds him, but he is a clown and makes us laugh every day. I think being born and raised in a shelter morphed him in ways we can’t understand.

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